Saturday, 8 August 2015

Little Painted Toadstools

Fed up with the rain and the wind, we were really, really happy to see the sun make an appearance on Thursday morning. Miss C and I left Z and his best friend at Karate and went for a little walk.

It was still a little windy but we didn't care; it was just lovely to feel the sun on our faces again. How we have missed it!

Miss C skipped ahead whilst I took a more leisurely approach. I wanted to take my time. I wanted to enjoy being outside...the weather probably won't last!

On our walk, we saw lots of tyres filled with brightly coloured flowers. 

We also came across a little secret garden. It was filled with these really cute, little painted toadstool seats. 

Miss C thought it would be fun to play leap frog over them. It didn't really work for her since she was too small to leap over them. 

Instead, she decided to have a seat. 

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