Monday, 17 August 2015

Preparing for Back to School

We have been on holiday since the end of June so whilst it may seem like we're going back to school mega early in comparison with those of you down south, we've already enjoyed 7 and a half weeks off.

The kids return to school tomorrow. I always find it strange that they don't start back on a Monday, (although I've heard it's a different start date across the country) but I think the kids enjoy easing back in to school.

I bought all of the school uniform before the school holidays started. The reason I did that was so I got all the sizes and styles I wanted. I made a video of my school uniform haul if you want to have a nosey at it on my YouTube channel. I also included a checklist of everything we need for school.

Last week, I spent a few days making sure everything was ready for the kids going back to school tomorrow. These are some of the things I've done:

  • Labelled their clothes and shoes
  • Packed the gym kits in to the school bag
  • Filled the pencil cases with stationary
  • Written names on lunch boxes and school bags
  • Checked school shoes still fit from when I bought them - 2 weeks ago!

Another thing that I think is a good idea is to start to get the kids back in to the routine of early bed, early rise at least a week before they are due to go back to school. From last Sunday, I put the kids to bed at the time I would usually put them to bed on a school night and I set my alarm for 7am on the Monday morning. Z is a bit older now and doesn't fall asleep at 7pm like Miss C does so his bed time will probably be nearer 8pm this school year. He likes to get comfy in bed with a book so he'll still be in bed from 7pm. By doing this before they go back to school, the early nights and early rises won't be such a shock to the system for them. 

What tips or things do you do to get you back in to the school routine?

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