Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Beach in the Rain

On Friday, my Mother in Law picked the kids up and took them to her house for a sleepover. She stays on a farm and the kids love it there. There are fields surrounding them and they are free to run around and explore. They are also really close to a beach. 

My MIL posted this picture of the kids on Facebook. She had taken them down to the park at the beach. It wasn't a great day weather wise but just look at their beaming faces! It just goes to show that things like the weather don't spoil a child's ability to have fun and enjoy playing.  

My MIL isn't Husband's mother; she's his stepmum and even though she is no longer married to his Dad, he still has a very close relationship with her and so do we. I think of her as my second Mum especially as my Mum lives so far away. She was with me on the day I chose my wedding dress and spoke to my Mum on the phone to tell her what it was like. My MIL, like my own Stepdad, has been in Husband's life since he was 6 or 7. People think it's a bit strange, given that she has separated from his Dad, just like my Stepdad and Mum have divorced, that we still keep in contact. I think it's strange that anyone would think that was strange! Why wouldn't we? They have been a huge part of our lives and, what I think is so amazing about step parents is, they choose to be in your life. 

So whilst they aren't actually related by blood, my MIL is Gran to my children and they adore her. They know she isn't Husband's Mum but they've never met his real Mum and they never will. They don't think of her any differently from my Mum, their Bella. They love spending time at their Gran's with her husband. Miss C adores him and loves going out on his tractor in the fields. 

At the beach park, they went on the swings and the slides and Miss C came off with a soaking wet bum. My MIL told me Miss C said, "it's OK Gran, when I get home I'll just get my jammies on!" That's my girl.

They had ice cream at a little cafe near the beach and then headed back to the farm to warm up and have pizza and chips for dinner. They had sweets after dinner too. Nothing like going to Gran's to be filled with sugar! I guess that's a grandparent's prerogative.

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