Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Week That Was #32

Last Sunday, Miss C and I were the first ones up so we had breakfast and got ready for horse riding. Miss C rode Bobbie and did a great job on him. After lunch, the kids played with their train set. I love that they are playing together so well, especially after weeks and weeks of holidays and being stuck inside because of this weather. After dinner, they watched Men In Black which they found hilarious.

On Monday, we were up early to get Z ready for Karate camp. He went with his best friend and then stayed with him for the rest of the day. Miss C and I played a few games and did some colouring in. I made my Chili con Carne for dinner and Miss C helped by being a taste tester. She approved, thankfully. The sun eventually made an appearance around 4pm, so we headed out in to the garden. Miss C played on her bike whilst I read a book I've had for ages; Shopaholic to the Stars. I love the Shopaholic series!

On Tuesday, Z's best friend was dropped off so I could take them both to Karate camp. Holidays are all about helping friends out when it comes to childcare because it can be hard to juggle when you don't have family nearby! Miss C and I took along some books as we decided to wait for the boys to give us a break from the house. After lunch, they played some Xbox and played outside when the wind and rain died off. I had an early night after getting up early to do my FastPasses for our Disney trip.

On Wednesday, I took Z and his best friend to Karate camp and Miss C and I decided to wait there again. We did some colouring in and she played with her Blue Nose Friends. After lunch, the rain came on which ruined my plans of letting them play outside whilst I did my ironing. Instead they played Minecraft. After dinner, Miss C, Z and I cuddled up to read some books.

On Thursday, the sun finally made an appearance. Whilst Z was at Karate camp, Miss C and I went for a little walk and found a little garden filled with toadstools. It was really cute! After lunch, the kids played outside on their bikes. I got on with some housework and then enjoyed a cup of tea whilst catching up on Hollyoaks.

On Friday, it was a beautiful day. Miss C and I went food shopping and then came home to put it all away. When Z got back from Karate camp, we had lunch then headed in to the garden. The kids played with the Playmobil pool whilst I read my book; Shopaholic to the Stars. I managed to finish it and wasn't happy that it was left on a cliffhanger but it does mean I'll get to read another book in one of my favourite series.

On Saturday, Z headed off to a sleepover at his best friend's house whilst Miss C's best friend arrived for a sleepover with us. We made some fudge cookies which were really tasty. They played outside until the rain came on. I knew the good weather wouldn't last! We ordered Chinese food for dinner and then got ice cream for dessert which was yummy. They cuddled up together to watch Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast and eventually went to sleep at 10:30!

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