Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Week That Was #33

Last Sunday, the girls woke up at 6.30am which was a bit early for us. It's always the way at a sleepover though. Late bed, early rise. They played happily together for ages, had breakfast, got dressed and then went back to playing. Z arrived home after lunch and then my friend popped over with her daughter. We had a catch up with a cup of tea and the kids played Minecraft because it was miserable outside. After dinner, an early night was in order for us all.

On Monday, Husband left for work and the kids and I decided to have a day of playing and colouring. It was a funny day weather wise. One minute the sun was shining and the next it was pouring with rain. After dinner, it had brightened up so the kids were able to get outside to play before bedtime.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I spent the afternoon clearing and tidying up her Playmobil sets and her Sylvanian Families house. Everything was mixed up, out of place and the clothes were off the Sylvanian Families. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels a bit crazy when you can't find which outfit goes on which animal again. It took 2 and a half hours to sort through it all but everything looked great when it was done. It probably won't last long.

On Wednesday, we headed to the library after lunch. It was a lovely day and the kids had fun running through the park. We picked out some new books, had a nosey in the museum and then headed home. The kids wanted to play and I had a sit down with a cup of tea and some toast. We read our new books at bedtime and whilst reading, one of my friends popped in with some Krispy Kremes for us. Yum!

On Thursday, the sun returned! The kids were excited to get out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. We had lunch outside and then the kids played with the Playmobil pool. It was lovely to sit outside and enjoy some good weather for a change.

On Friday, after going to Asda to get our food shop, the kids played with their toys. Their Uncle arrived just after lunch with three boxes of books for Z to read. He was very excited and as soon as Husband got home, they cleared out all of the books he has read from his shelves and replaced them with the new ones. After dinner, we watched Big Hero 6 which is definitely one of our new favourite Disney movies.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate whilst Miss C and I got ready to go to town. I was happy to see the sun out as it meant I got to hang out my washing! I've been loving the Comfort Intense I was sent to try as it leaves our clothes smelling amazing and I only need a little bit because it's ultra concentrated. We headed to town after lunch to get Z a hair cut for going back to school and then nipped to the park to enjoy the sunshine.

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