Sunday, 16 August 2015

This Girl

This girl is full of personality. She reminds me of my Sister; the comedian. She's also artistic, creative and her head is often in the clouds. 

This girl constantly makes us laugh. She loves being silly and doesn't take life too seriously. Not that she should be taking life too seriously at the age of 6 of course but I can imagine, in years to come, that not changing. 

I've seen her grow so much this summer. She's definitely grown and become more street wise. She plays the fool and then she says or does something to show you she isn't as foolish as you might think. Sometimes I think that can be a good skill to have in life, depending on the situation. This girl is a smart cookie.

This girl is about to start Primary 2. She isn't part of the youngest year group any more. It really does seem like yesterday that we took her for her first day at nursery. Where does the time go? 

This girl is going to do amazing at school this year. She's just growing up so fast!

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