Monday, 7 September 2015

A Purple Belt

A fortnight ago, Z was asked to complete his form at Karate so he could be graded for his purple belt. We were really surprised he was asked as he only got his blue belt in March this year and usually it's about a year to 18 months between belts.

Z had to learn a new kata for his grading. He loves kata. The kata side of Karate is a bit like a dance routine however I'm sure there is something more deep behind the kata. It's a combination of moves and it's amazing to watch all of the kids doing a kata together, especially if they are all in sync.

He had practised all week to get the kata just right. He told us that this kata was one of the hardest ones he had to learn.

On the morning of his grading, he told us he felt nervous which is a first. Usually Z is really confident but we could see he was feeling the nerves. He always wants to do well at anything he does.

Husband took him to Karate that morning whilst Miss C and I went to do the shopping. We managed to finish in enough time to get to the Karate hall and watch the kids do their kata for the purple belt. Z's best friend was also up for his purple belt.

Thankfully, Z's hard work and practise paid off and he was called to collect his new belt. He was so happy and we were really proud. Z was a bit reluctant with Karate at first but he has stuck with it over the years and has achieved so much over the 4 years he has been attending.

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