Monday, 28 September 2015

Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment - Review

We were invited to review the opening night of Disney on Ice's brand new show Worlds of Enchantment. Opening night was just a week from when we travel to Florida so I knew it would get us even more excited for our holiday. We've seen a few of the shows now and they never disappoint.

Before we took our seats, we were invited along to a VIP meet and greet where Z and Miss C got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The Worlds of Enchantment show features Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cars and Frozen as well as appearances from Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. There really is something for everyone.

Toy Story was the first performance and it was incredible. It was based on Toy Story 3, when Andy heads off to college and the toys end up at a daycare centre. Seeing the toys on the ice was amazing. We couldn't get over the costumes for the likes of Rex, Hamm, Lotso Bear and Slinky Dog. They were so good! We were delighted to see the Spanish Buzz Lightyear appear as it is one of our favourite parts of the film.

Next up was The Little Mermaid. It's my favourite film and I always get a bit teary eyed watching Ariel skate to Part of Your World. Again the costumes for Flounder, Sebastian and Ursula were fantastic.

We were super impressed with the Cars performance. There were actual cars on the ice! I'm guessing they were controlled from backstage and didn't actually have people in them but you never know. Either way, they were handled fantastically. They moved across the ice with ease and never bashed in to each other once!

The show ended with Frozen which we thought would be the case given it has been such a huge success for Disney. Everyone joined in with the songs and Anna and Elsa got the biggest cheer of the whole show; even louder than Mickey and Minnie!

The sets and lighting for each performance were incredible and they transitioned so seamlessly. The music had us all dancing and singing too. There are some loud bangs and flashing lights throughout the show though which might startle a bit.

We were all captivated by the show, the kids especially. I made a vlog of the show and there are points where I turn to Z and Miss C and you can see the awe in their eyes. You can also hear Husband singing along to all of the songs!

One thing that we've always wondered, as we've seen it happen before, is how the children are picked to go on to the ice during the show. We asked and it's available to anyone who has registered with Feld Entertainment for the priority booking (which is free to do) and then the tickets are drawn at random so if your ticket that you purchased is chosen, your child can go on to the ice.

The show is on until the beginning of January in Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin, Sheffield and finishes in London at the o2 Arena. If you can get tickets then do it. The shows are truly magical for all the family!

You can watch my vlog of the show below...

We received tickets for the show in return for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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