Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Learning to Ride Bobbie

I enjoyed my second horse riding lesson last weekend. I was really looking forward to going again after my first lesson. My legs and bum ached for days but it was worth it for that amazing feeling of being back in the saddle, riding a horse.

I thought I might have ridden Bandit again but our teacher asked me if I wanted to ride Bobbie. He's the horse Miss C usually rides but she decided she wanted to try a different horse. She chose Teddy, the 37 year old grumpy pony. She'd be lucky if she got him to trot never mind canter.

Bobbie is a gorgeous pony. He was born at the riding school so he's been a riding school pony all of his 17 years. He'd been out of the school for awhile as he was lame. When he came back, about 8 months ago, he had a lot of excess weight which meant only small children like Miss C rode him until he was back in to the routine of working again.

Despite the fact that he has been a riding school pony for so many years, Bobbie spooks easily and he hates blocks and poles. This made me a bit nervous because, in all my years of riding as a child, I never once came off a horse. There's a saying that goes something like you aren't a rider until you've come off a horse seven times. Personally I'd like to think that I may be one of the lucky few...I hope I haven't just tempted fate.

The lesson went really well and Bobbie was great to ride. He didn't spook once but he was a bit dubious about going near the blocks and over the poles. I just gave him some encouraging words and was firm with him and he did as he was told...reluctantly. He had an equally smooth canter like Bandit. I can tell why Miss C likes him so much.

Miss C and Bobbie 

We won't be back at horse riding for at least 5 weeks now because we're going on holiday and because I didn't fancy having really sore legs for walking around the parks. I can imagine it is going to take me at least a week to recover again.

But I can't wait to go back again. Once a month might not be enough for me!

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