Sunday, 13 September 2015

Meeting a New Puppy

Last Saturday, we went to visit my MIL at her farm. The kids love going there for sleepovers but this was the first time Husband and I had been up there since my MIL remarried 4 years ago.

The reason for the visit, aside from getting a cup of tea and a biscuit and to nosey around their newly decorated home was to visit their new puppy; a little jack russell called Brodie. The kids were so excited as they love animals, especially baby ones.

When we arrived, their older jack russell called Becky was waiting to greet us along with their cat, Tibby. Z and Miss C were out of their seats and, if it wasn't for the child locks on our doors, they'd have jumped out whilst the engine was still running.

Inside the house, in a small playpen in the kitchen, was a sleeping Brodie.

He looked so peaceful and cosy in his little bed. Of course, as soon as Miss C saw him she said, "when will he wake up?" Her Gran reassured her that he would wake up soon. How unthoughtful of Brodie to be asleep when we came to visit him. The kids had a biscuit whilst we had a cup of tea and a tour of the house. As we settled in the living room, leaving the kids in the kitchen with their biscuits and toys, we heard Miss C say, "Brodie is awake now!" Of course he was!

He came out of his playpen and came right up to Miss C for a cuddle. She kept her biscuit away from him cause it would have made him very ill if he got a bit. 

He has a little love heart marking on his side which is so cute. He was giving kisses and following the kids around the kitchen. Whenever they sat down on the floor, he would go up and cuddle in to them. Z, who is usually a bit unsure around animals, was really gentle with him and petting him. He thought he was really cute. 

Brodie played with them; the kids threw his ball for him and he would run after it, his little legs almost giving way as he ran across the laminate. After an hour, he was shattered again and back in his bed asleep before we left. 

The kids are excited to go to their Gran's for a sleepover in a few weeks time so they can play with Brodie again. So long as they don't get any ideas about us getting a puppy!

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