Wednesday, 30 September 2015

On Turning 30

I turn 30 this week. It isn't a scary thing. I'm not worried about leaving my twenties behind. To be honest, I've always felt older than I actually am (and probably quite often look older than I actually am) because my friends are all older than me.

We're not doing much to mark the actual day of my birthday. In fact, I have to go to college which kind of puts a dampener on things. Not the ideal way to spend any birthday, never mind a big one. But of course, the real celebrations will start on Friday, when we head down to my Mum's to stay before catching a plane to go to Florida.

I thought I would share some photos of birthdays gone by. Not necessarily big birthdays but birthdays that really meant something.

My first birthday

I don't remember my first birthday but I do have this photo from my first birthday. It's the only photo I have of my maternal Grandparents together. My Grandad passed away in 1988, just before my Sister was born. My first ever memory is of my Grandad. He was sitting in his living room, eating a bowl of something. I think it was cereal or maybe it was soup.

My 15th birthday

My Mum and Stepdad let me have a party for my 15th birthday. Good lord they suffered for that. You probably don't need me to set the scene; teenagers, drink, music, toilets...need I go on? My Stepdad was actually away on business that weekend so he didn't have to witness the horror of a teenage birthday party. He did hear about it when they got a bill for two of those huge water bottles you used to get in offices and hospitals that had gone missing.

My 18th birthday

This birthday was memorable for lots of reasons. I got my tongue pierced. I had my first legal drink. I had my first kiss with my husband. It really was the start of a whole new life for me.

My 21st birthday

I had a big birthday party for my 21st and yet I couldn't touch a drop of champagne as I was pregnant with Z. I found out I was pregnant only 9 days before my birthday so it definitely was a birthday to remember for the most amazing reason.

My 22nd birthday

After a dry 21st, we made up for it after Z was born. I went for a night out with some of my best friends and my Sister, who travelled up from Manchester specially. It was a lot of fun and reminded me that I was still allowed to have a good time despite having a baby to look after.

My 30th birthday will, hopefully, be a really good one to remember. One that we will all enjoy and remember for many, many years.

I think I need to start a bucket list for when I turn 40 though.

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