Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Redesigning our Kitchen

I feel like our house constantly needs things doing to it. It isn't a new build; it's about 40 years old and whilst we've decorated throughout a few times, I'm always finding things that need doing.

Aside from our bathroom, the next room I'd like to give a redesign to is our kitchen. We have a pretty decent sized kitchen; in fact, all of our rooms are pretty good size wise with plenty of storage which is why I've been reconsidering moving to a new build.

Our kitchen has lots of units with plenty of space to store things and we can fit a large dining table and 6 chairs in with room to spare. It was decorated about 5 years ago but the cats have been at the walls so we really do need to decorate.

My ideal kitchen would be something like this:

Cocina : Classic style kitchen by Opra Nova
Photo Credit Cocina by Opra Nova

I love the white units and the chrome fittings. Because of the age of our house, something super modern wouldn't look right. This style is the best of both worlds; it is still fairly modern but has that homely feel that our house has. I love the big cooker with lots of oven space however I think I would go for a darker worktop.

If I had a new build house, I'd love to have a kitchen like this:

Cozinha : Modern kitchen by Cavalcante Ferraz Arquitetura / Design
Photo Credit Cozinha by Cavalcante Ferraz Arquitetura / Design

I love the white gloss units and flooring with the pops of colour added with accessories. Yes it might be a bit of nightmare to keep clean but it would be worth it for such a beautiful kitchen.

If space were no option then I would love to an island style breakfast bar or cooking area. I love the idea of me preparing a meal and the kids sitting on bar stools, telling me all about their day or helping me with making the dinner. I'd love something like this:

Modern kitchen by GRUPO VOLTA
Photo Credit by GRUPO VOLTA

As well as a huge redesign, I'd love to buy lots of new accessories and gadgets for the kitchen. I'd love to have a KitchenAid and a huge American style fridge/freezer.

How would your dream kitchen look?

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