Monday, 21 September 2015

School - A Month In

The kids have been back at school for a month now. It's hard to believe really as it has flown by and we're almost at half term again!

I went along to a meet the teacher event a few weeks ago where I met Miss C's teacher on a Tuesday and Z's teacher on a Thursday.

Miss C loved showing me around her classroom. There were lots of numbers and letters covering the walls, just as you'd expect with a Primary 2 classroom. Miss C showed me where she put her coat and bag, where she sat and all the lovely artwork she had been doing. She loves drawing and being creative. She showed me the book corner which looked really cosy and inviting and she showed me how to spell the word horse using the magnetic letters. I didn't chat much to her teacher but Miss C really likes her and I've heard from other parents that she is fantastic.

Z has two teachers this year. He had two teachers when he was in P2/3 so this isn't something new to him. I'm not sure how his teachers are going to compete with his P4 teacher as she was amazing and the kids all loved her and were pretty devastated to be leaving her from P5. When I met them both, they seemed really nice and Z seems to like them too. Z has settled in to his class well but I knew he would anyway as he's with his group of friends and they work so well together. They are also such a close knit group. They are all extremely social and would talk to any kid but when they are together, their personalities compliment each other and they just bounce off one another. Watching them playing and chatting in the classroom made me smile. They have the sort of friendships that in 10 or 20 years time, they'll still be chatting and laughing together.

Miss C's reading and writing is really coming on. She's good at Math and loves anything art related but she isn't as keen on reading herself as her brother is. She's getting there though even if she protests whenever she has to read her homework book. She doesn't seem to have a group of friends that she is close to like Z has but she does prefer to play with the boys in her class and maybe one or two girls. Sometimes, when I think back to my school days, it's better to stick with the boys. There's less drama that way.

Z continues to do extremely well in school. I had a nosey through his assessment folder and he's still performing at the level a school would expect from a 13 or 14 year old. He doesn't know everything about everything but he has such a thirst for knowledge that hopefully the school will continue to feed.

I'm so pleased that they have settled in to Primary 2 and Primary 5. Long may it continue.

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