Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sibling Moments #21

Something the kids have started doing more frequently since their Dad bought himself a bike is going on bike rides. They love it! I think I might get myself a bike and join in with them but for now, it's a good time for them to spend some quality time together with their Dad.

Z is a really confident cyclist. He can ride really fast and dares to go without holding on. When I was younger, I was always super impressed with those kids (mainly boys) that could cycle their bike with no hands. Now it gives me the fear so I don't watch Z but I hear from him that he is doing well.

Miss C has come on leaps and bounds since we took her stabilisers off in the Summer holidays, We got her a new bike as she has outgrown her old one and she can go her new bike so much better.

They can cycle for miles. I think the longest ride they have done so far is just under 5 miles. They were so tired when they got back!

The kids also love cycling down to the local park. They call in for one of Z's friends and they play on the cycle area. It has recently been given a facelift and the council have painted road markings on to the ground. It looks fantastic and the kids love practising their highway code on it.

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