Monday, 28 September 2015

Steps to Take When Hiring People to Work in Your Home

Recent research from QualitySolicitors highlights that a whopping 81% of Brits now rely others to do work around the home like gardening, cleaning, decorating or plumbing. It also reveals that are not fully aware of their responsibilities when hiring people in their home: over half (52%) were not aware they were responsible for their health and safety and two fifths (42%) admit they don’t take any steps to protect them, which could leave them legally liable in the event of an accident.

To ensure that everyone can work safely in your house, QualitySolicitors has compiled a checklist of measures to take before hiring someone in the home:

* Ensure you have home contents insurance and that it covers you for legal expenses - if you are the soul employer of that person, you will also need employee liability insurance
* Fix any loose floorboards, tiles or window panes and point out any outstanding hazards to your worker
* Check smoke and Co2 detectors are fitted and working
* Ensure your wiring and sockets are safe
* Alert the person you hire of any pets/ animals that are in the home or property grounds
* Make sure you leave keys near the doors and windows to aid escape routes
* Make sure lighting is adequate, especially near to stairs
* Ensure any spills are cleaned up promptly to prevent slipping
* Advise friends/ family that have access to property that someone is working there
* Remove any obstacles or trip hazards from out of the way such as electrical leads, toys or loose mats

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