Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Studying: Getting Back into College

On September 3rd, I returned to college after 11 maybe 12 weeks of Summer holidays.

I'm already qualified as an Early Years Practitioner but I decided to return to college and continue with my studies to strengthen my qualification. This is year 2 of my degree and once I complete this I want to get a job and then complete my BA in a few years time through night school. I have plans. Big plans. Whilst my family seem to be getting married and having (more) babies, I'm completing a degree and contemplating getting a puppy to ease my broodiness.

The first day went fine. It went quite fast actually and we were given an introduction to each of our classes and the assignments we would have to do in order to pass the course. Six different classes over two days, each requiring lots and lots of paperwork and reports. I must be mad.

Two weeks in and the work in piling up. I'm very organised. I like lists. I make plans. I work out what I need to do, prioritise and try to get things completed at least a week before the deadline. As a mother and wife, I  have so many other things to factor in to my daily routine that I have to be sure I'm prepared if anything gets in the way of my ability to do my homework.

It has been hard trying to get in to the swing of writing college essays. Blogging; that comes naturally. If I know what I want to blog about, it literally takes me 10 minutes to write a post. Sometimes less. It comes from the heart or it comes from the head. Or a bit of both.

Essay writing is a whole different story. It would probably be quite easy if I could just write what I knew and analyse it, evaluate it and summarise it. But referencing is my enemy. College essays need references. You can't just write what you know because what you know has come from somewhere before. A theory. A piece of legislation. A policy or a piece of research. You have to quote. I find paraphrasing easy. I can read something and put it in to my own words and then reference at the end but our lectures want quotes which we can then use to back up what we're saying. It's so time consuming.

Our impending holiday is also putting me off. I feel like I'm not really going to get in to the swing of college again until we're back from our holiday. Whilst that would be great, I already have work due for every class. Thankfully we haven't started our placements yet so I have 3 days a week when the kids are at school and I'm at home and I can lock myself away in my cupboard and write. I need to focus. I don't want to be playing catch up when we get back.

I know that this time will go really fast and by 10th of June 2016, I'll have another qualification under my belt. It will be worth it. But darn it is hard to get back in to studying.

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