Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Week That Was #36

Last Sunday, we were up early and we all went to the stables for Miss C's horse riding lesson. I joined her for my first lesson in 15 years. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back again this month. We came home, got cleaned up and had pancakes for lunch. The rest of the day was spent chilling out. We had roast chicken for dinner which was yummy and then it was off to bed early, ready for back to school in the morning.

On Monday, I dropped the kids off at school and came home to get lots of blog stuff done. Once I start college on Thursday, I won't have as much time to spend on my blog as college work takes over my life for another 9 months. My friend picked the kids up from school and brought them home. Miss C had homework to do; reading, spelling words and math! Z didn't have any which he was pleased about! After dinner, they played outside on the trampoline and Husband went for his first bike ride. He managed 4 miles in 23 minutes which I thought was a good start.

On Tuesday, I had a pretty chilled out day, doing a bit of blog work and catching up on Hollyoaks. It was a really lovely day and so warm! We were able to walk home without our jackets on. The kids did their homework and then played before dinner. We had spaghetti bolognaise which was really yummy!

On Wednesday, after dropping the kids off at school, I headed in to town to meet up with Miss C's best friend's mum for a coffee and a cake. It was great to have a good catch up! I also went to the library to return Z and Miss C's books and picked out a few for myself including Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter which I am really excited to read. Louise is one of my favourite YouTubers! After school, whilst walking home, we witnessed a boy getting hit by a car when it couldn't stop in time. The lollipop lady was standing in the middle of the road to allow the children to cross but, sadly, the driver obviously wasn't paying attention. Thankfully the child was OK, just in shock as we all were. It's a real shame to think that in this day and age, especially near a school, some drivers just aren't fully aware of the road and the hazards that may present themselves.

On Thursday, it was my first day back to college. It was a long day and draining but I think the course is going to be good. There's lots of psychology involved which is the part I'm really interested in. I picked the kids up from my friend's house when I had finished and we headed home for dinner. An early night was in order as I was shattered.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and walked down to college. We were only in for a half day thankfully as I was feeling rotten and could really have done with staying in bed. I walked home at 1pm, had a cup of tea and just chilled. I picked the kids up and when Husband got home, we headed to the shops to buy a new duvet cover as one of the cats decided to pee on our old one! The little pest! After dinner, Miss C and I watched 101 Dalmatians whilst Z went to his club with his best friend.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling even worse. I got dressed and headed to the shops with Miss C to do our food shop. Husband took Z to Karate. I bought a baguette and some bacon for lunch which went down a treat. Husband took the kids for a bike ride to the park whilst I stayed at home and did some work. We headed down to my MIL's house when they got home to see her new puppy; a Jack Russell! We had pizza for dinner and caught up with the Xfactor.

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