Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Week That Was #39

Last Sunday, Miss C and I were up and ready for our horse riding lesson. I rode Bobbie, the horse Miss C normally rides as she wanted to ride a horse called Teddy. He's a bit of grump but she likes him. Bobbie was good to ride even though he hates poles and blocks. We did some trotting and cantering but no jumps as Bobbie hates those too. After lunch, Husband took the kids to a fun day whilst I got on with some work.

On Monday, we got up at 9am! Thankfully it was a holiday for us or we would have been in trouble with school! We had breakfast, got dressed and I let the kids play a bit of Minecraft so I could do some college work. After lunch, the kids headed outside as the sun was shining. They played with their LEGO mini-figures and ate custard creams under a big tree.

On Tuesday, it was back to school for the kids so I dropped them off and then came home to do more college work. I got quite a bit done! After school, Z had homework of his own to do whilst Miss C was feeling smug that she hadn't been given any. The benefits of being in the lower end of the school! We had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner which was really yummy and then the kids headed outside to play in the sunshine.

On Wednesday, the kids took part in a fun run at school so they had to take fancy dress costumes with them. My two decided to take their onesies! I spent the day filming some videos for my YouTube channel and packing up our hand luggage for our trip. It was raining at pick up time so I drove to school, picked the kids up and then headed out to get some treats for when we go to Disney On Ice on Friday. The kids didn't know that's what they were choosing sweeties for though!

On Thursday, I headed in to college after dropping the kids off at school, It was an exhausting day, mainly because the room was so warm! I felt sick with the heat at one point. After picking the kids up from my friend's house, I came home and treated myself to a cup of tea and a Tunnocks teacake!

On Friday, I headed to college for the day. We have a curriculum class first thing and then the rest of the day is spent on psychology and sociology. They are pretty intense subjects so by 4pm I was ready to run. Run I did as we had to get to Disney on Ice for a VIP Meet & Greet experience followed by the show. It was so good!

On Saturday, the kids headed to their Gran's for a sleepover as Husband and I were heading for a night out with friends. I spent the day doing blog work and Husband headed out shopping for technology stuff with a friend. We had pizza for dinner, in front of the TV and then headed out for lots of drinks!

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