Sunday, 6 September 2015

Visiting the Library

When I was younger, I used to love going to the library. My favourite one to visit was the one that was a short walk from my Gran's house. I used to go with my friend from next door and my Sister and we'd often sit and play the Sega Megadrive for an hour and then pick out some books.

My favourite books to read were things like The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High and one of the best books I ever read was The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morporgo. I read it over and over and I've been looking out for it to buy for Z and Miss C to read. It is such a sweet story about a white lion cub.

My love for visiting the library is just as strong now as it was years ago. Now I love it for a whole new reason; my kids love it too. Miss C loves looking at all of the picture books and Z loves to browse the non-fiction section. He often picks out an encyclopedia or history book to read.

I still love to read "chick-lit". I love a romance story, with the highs and lows. I love to read Sophia Kinsella, Trisha Ashley, Jane Green and Jane Costello. You can see a pattern here, can't you?

There's just something so wonderful about visiting the library, browsing the rows and rows of books, picking one out, leafing through it or reading the blurb to decide if it's worth a read.

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