Thursday, 22 October 2015

Florida Day One - Magic Kingdom

On our first full day in Florida, we headed to Disney's flagship theme park; Magic Kingdom. It was a Sunday so we expected the park to be fairly busy especially with it being the Columbus Day weekend however I had booked our breakfast at the Crystal Palace which is a character themed dining with Winnie the Pooh and friends and as we had an early reservation, we got in to the park before it opened and captured some amazing photos. The park was all decorated for Halloween and will be like that until 1st November when it will change to Christmas.

I'll do separate posts on all of our dining experiences but breakfast was a lot of fun and really yummy. When we finished, we headed to Adventureland where the kids managed to meet Rafiki and Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. We went on the magic carpet ride and then headed round to Pirates of the Caribbean. We had a Fastpass for this ride but it only had a 5 minute wait so we decided to go in the stand-by queue and then go on the ride a second time using our Fastpasses. We loved this ride in Disneyland Paris and it was just as good, if not better, in Florida. Jack Sparrow features a lot in this ride.

After Adventureland, we headed over to Frontierland as we had a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and for Splash Mountain. Miss C wasn't keen on Big Thunder Mountain and was screaming from the first hill. Z did much better than the time he went on it in Paris. As we came off the ride, we met Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.

Splash Mountain was definitely Z's favourite ride in Magic Kingdom. As it was quiet, we went on the ride in the stand-by queue. Miss C wasn't as keen on the ride so Husband and Z used their Fastpasses to go on again and Miss C and I waited for them. It was spitting with rain for most of the day which was a shame but it didn't spoil our day.

After Frontierland, we decided to stop at Columbia House for some food. It's a quick service restaurant so we were able to go straight in and grab something. It was also really close to The Haunted Mansion and as it also had a short queue, we went on it after lunch. Miss C managed to meet her first Princess; Princess Tiana!

We headed in to Fantasyland for a little while and went on It's a Small World and the Carousel. Miss C loves the Carousel so much so she was really excited to get on it. On the way out we met a family from the plane who had managed to meet Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald and Goofy in under 10 minutes in the Storybook Circus area so we headed there. Miss C managed to meet Minnie and Daisy but the queue was getting quite long for Goofy and Donald so we gave them a miss.

We left the park just before 4pm and headed back to the hotel to dump our stuff and freshen up for dinner in Disney Springs at The Boathouse. Disney Springs was really busy and there was lots to see and do there. You could spend a full day there! We popped in to have a nosy in the LEGO shop and see the amazing builds. Dinner was really tasty but we decided not to have dessert as we were all shattered from the travel day and the time difference.

Here is a vlog of our first day in Magic Kingdom...

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