Wednesday, 21 October 2015

PLAYMOBIL Super 4 Half Term Fun

To launch its first ever toy range of the smash hit PLAYMOBIL-inspired CITV series, Super 4, PLAYMOBIL has hidden the world’s most expensive Super 4 figures across London. Download the free Super 4 adventure trails from Monday 19th October at to embark on a quest for a chance to find the gold. Parents and children have the chance to join Alex, Ruby, Gene and Twinkle to crack the clues and help complete a mission; whilst having a lot of fun and learning along the way.

Over October Half Term and right up to Christmas, young adventurers have the chance to find the limited edition hidden treasure across all four trails. Print or download the free maps to your smartphone or tablet to help you find where the gold figures may be hidden. To find out more about what the trails involve visit to see more details.

Ruby’s Telescope Trouble

Help Ruby remember which sights she saw through her telescope when she visited London. Located around Trafalgar Square, this trail will require you to stay alert and unscramble a tricky word. The word is something that Ruby likes to see on ALL her adventures!

Gene and the Seven Dials

On Gene’s trail, agents will need to work out a numeric code to access the Chameleon Vehicle which has been locked up by Dr. X! Trace the seven dials of Covent Garden and discover clues on each of the streets. The single digit answers to these clues will eventually combine to provide the secret numeric code to free the Chameleon.

Alex and the Cave Quest

The third trail joins Alex on a quest to discover the secret location of his missing horses, which have been stolen and hidden in a cave by The Black Baron. On the route via Marble Arch and Hyde Park, you will need to visit specific locations to find the clues. The answers to each clue will help Alex eliminate one cave from the picture of Kingsland to ultimately expose The Black Baron’s hiding place.

Twinkle and the Four Squares

Or why not help forgetful fairy Twinkle remember her magic spell word? On Twinkle’s trail, visit clues marked on a map and discover the secret word at each one. Cross off the letters of each answer and rearrange to discover Twinkle’s magic spell word.

Even if gold is not found on the day, every child can win a new Super 4 toy set and claim a special reward. Also, every child will receive exclusive Super 4 collectible stickers in return for a completed puzzle. These rewards can be collected at Hamleys on Regent Street.

Brand new for this year, the PLAYMOBIL-inspired CITV series Super 4 toy sets are now available to buy. Shaped around the different worlds of PLAYMOBIL (Pirates, Fairies, Knights and Top Agents), Super 4 follows the adventures of four heroes Alex, Gene, Ruby and Twinkle with new toys to complement the TV series.

We will be reviewing some of the PLAYMOBIL Super 4 sets in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for our review.

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