Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Super 4 from Playmobil - Review

Brand new to Playmobil is the range of toys inspired by the CITV series Super 4. They are themed around the different worlds of Playmobil: Pirates, Fairies, Knights and Top Agents. Super 4 follows the adventures of four heroes named Alex, Gene, Ruby and Twinkle. We were sent two of the new sets to review as part of our job as Playmobil Playologists.

Miss C chose to review the Lost Island with Alien and Raptor set (6687). The bright colours of the trees and the cute looking monkey/rabbit toy were the main reasons she chose this set. Miss C loves to find the animals in a Playmobil set; it's the first thing she looks for and is the biggest influence on her choice of Playmobil toy.

The set comes with an island with a space for a tree and some bushes, a set of toadstools, a Playmobil person, a mini dinosaur, a magnifying glass, a snake that dangles from the tree, an alien (the monkey/rabbit) and a boomerang.

This is a smaller set in terms of the range of Super 4 toys but that doesn't stop it from being a good play set. It's really easy to put together so younger children won't find it too challenging to complete themselves. Miss C managed to put everything together and was very pleased with herself at the end of it. Because it is a smaller set, it doesn't come with anything to store it in when you've finished playing with it so you might want to keep the box.

Miss C loves this kind of set so she really enjoyed playing with it. I think her favourite part was seeing how many ways she could hang the snake from the tree.

Z chose to review the Techno Chameleon with Gene (6692). Gene is one of the main Super 4 heroes and he's a spy. The Techno Chameleon is a kitted out car, complete with fancy gadgets and a robot!

Z managed to put the set together himself although he needed a bit of help getting the wheels together. It took him around 30 minutes to complete.

This is a larger set in comparison with the one Miss C received so there are more things to play with and more bits to it. Both Z and Miss C loved the door to get in to the car. It reminded us of something out of Star Trek. Really it's like a revolving door where you place your Playmobil person in, turn the top and then it opens out in to the car. The kids decided that both sets worked well together with Gene going off on an alien and dinosaur hunt and using his car to transport them back to their home planet.

The front of the car also opens up so you can place your Playmobil person inside the seating area. Gene has his own spy equipment such as a gun and a torch. The roof of the car also opens so you can play inside the back of the car, where all the cool stuff is.

This set can be stored away quite easily because all the bits can be placed inside the car and closed up.

Overall we were pretty impressed with the toys we received and the Super 4 range should be a great addition to the Playmobil collection.

Here is a video we made of the unboxing and building of these sets...

We received these toys for the purposes of a review as part of our role as Playmobil Playologists. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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