Thursday, 19 November 2015

Aerodynamics of Biscuits - Book Review

Aerodynamics of Biscuits is a brand new picture book from Maverick Books. It is written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Sophia Touliatou.

This is the story of a group of mice lead by Captain Sneaky McSqueaky. They want to go to the moon because they heard that the moon is made of cheese. They need to find a way to build a rocket to get them there and they decide that a little boy called Oliver can help them.

The mice decide that biscuits are the best things for the job. At first Oliver thought they were stealing them to eat and then he sees the attempt at a rocket the mice had made. It was too heavy to take off though and Oliver offered to help them.

When the mice arrive on the moon, they set about cutting up lots of cheese to take home with them. But Captain Sneaky McSqueaky had eaten all the biscuits up! They had to figure out a way to get back home and Oliver came to the rescue again.

This story is quite easy to read and some of the text changes in the story to emphasis a sound or an action word. This is a great book; I've not seen a story like it before and the kids really enjoyed it. The illustrations are really fun and quirky too.

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