Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dining in Disney - Day 3

Our third day was spent in Animal Kingdom. We had reservations for breakfast at Tusker House and we made reservations to have dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of Disney's deluxe hotels.

Breakfast at Tusker House - Animal Kingdom

Tusker House is a character themed dining restaurant that can be booked 180 days in advance of your visit to Animal Kingdom. The characters are only there at breakfast and at lunch time.

Tusker House is almost at the very back of the park, near the safari so it was quite a walk to first thing in the morning. We checked in early for our reservation but they let us straight through which was great.

Breakfast and lunch are a buffet serving American and a taste of African cuisine. Miss C was delighted to see rice available to have. She loves rice!

Our server gave us some jungle juice with our breakfast which was really delicious and just what we needed after feeling unwell on day 2. I think it was a mix of pomegranate and guava but either way, it was really good.

The characters you can meet at Tusker House are Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Daisy. We managed to meet them all within 20 minutes of sitting down which meant we could relax and enjoy our breakfast, Part way through the interactions, the characters create a conga line around the restaurant that the children can join in with. The adults can join in too if they like.

The food was really good and there was plenty to choose from. We decided to eat quite a light breakfast so we had cereal, toast and fruit. Miss C also had rice since she loves it so much.

Breakfast cost us $102 and we left an $18 tip to make the bill $120.

Snacks for lunch - Animal Kingdom

It was quite a warm day at Animal Kingdom so we decided to get some snacks for lunch as we weren't overly hungry. We chose ice creams for snack!

Z chose a Mickey ice cream which is a chocolate Mickey shaped shell with vanilla ice cream. Husband got a packet of chocolate covered ice cream pieces which were delicious and Miss C and I chose a strawberry fruit lolly. It was really lovely and fresh.

The total cost of our snacks was $17.

Dinner at Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge

I booked Boma as I had heard good things about this buffet signature restaurant and because it is located in a hotel I'd love to stay in: Animal Kingdom Lodge.

There was quite a good selection of food to choose from such as salmon, chicken, beef and pork, potatoes, rice, vegetables, salads, casseroles and soups. For the kids there was pasta with a selection of sauces such as tomato with meatballs and cheese. Boma is one of the places you can get the famous Zebra Domes desserts.

Husband was really looking forward to the buffet, as was I, but unfortunately the food wasn't that great. The beef was beautifully cooked but it was quite fatty and because it had been cooked in African spices or herbs, it didn't taste how we are used to. The pasta was a bit overcooked and the meatballs were like rubber so the kids didn't enjoy it either. The mashed potato, however, was some of the best mashed potato I have ever had!

The desserts were quite tasty and I really enjoyed the Zebra Dome.

Dinner cost us $152 and we left a tip of $28 to make the bill $180. The service was quite good and it was set in a beautiful part of the hotel, looking out on to the pool area but the food wasn't great and I wouldn't recommended it for the price we paid.

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