Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dining in Disney - Day 5

We had a rest day on the fifth day of our holiday and spent all day at the pool. Husband left us to head to the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios so the kids and I had dinner on our own. Here's where and what we ate:

Breakfast at Landscape of Flavours - Art of Animation

We got up a bit later so the food court wasn't as busy when we arrived just after 10am. This was the day that a wonderful cast member told us how to get the most out of our breakfast choices. After spending $30 on 4 bowls of cereal, a bowl of fruit and a smoothie the previous day, I didn't think the food court was very good value for money. Turned out we just weren't doing our breakfast meals right!

A bowl of cereal on it's own with a carton of milk counts as a snack credit if you are on the Disney Dining Plan. We weren't on the dining plan so we were paying out more by doing that. By making the cereal a meal, we got more for our money for less than a dollar extra. A meal comes with a main component, so in our case the cereal and the milk, a drink and 2 sides. All for $5.50 including tax.

Miss C, Z and I chose cereal and milk, a bottle of water, a bag of fruit and a cookie. Husband chose the steak and egg burger which came with a side of fries for around $13.

We kept our snacks for later on.

The total cost of our breakfast was $29.50 including tax. No tip required at a quick service restaurant.

Takeaway from Landscape of Flavours for lunch

We weren't feeling overly hungry so Husband got us all a small portion of fries from the food court and brought it to the pool side. You can get free cups of water from the pool's Drop Off bar. We also had our snacks from breakfast to eat.

The total cost for our lunch was $20 including tax.

Dinner at the Landscape of Flavours 

The kids and I headed for dinner around 6pm and the food court was busy. Just like breakfast, there are lots of different sections where you can choose what you'd like to eat. There is a sandwich station, an Indian station, a pasta and pizza station and a burger station.

I decided to go for a kid's meal as I wasn't overly hungry. I got a tandoori chicken dish with basmati rice and a naan bread. I also got water to go with my meal.

Miss C decided she wanted spaghetti with meatballs and Z decided he wanted pizza with fries. He ordered his own fries whilst I waited for Miss C's pasta as it is made to order.

The pasta and pizza section were really popular so I was waiting a little while to order and then collect Miss C's pasta. They have a section which they continually stock with pizza so you can collect it yourself if that's all you want. It did mean that by the time we sat down, my food was cold.

The kids also got water as part of their meal.

The total cost of our dinner was around $16 including tax. One of the cheapest meals we ate there!

If you are planning on staying at Art of Animation and eating in Landscape of Flavours, get a cast member to explain how the meals work so you don't miss out on any extras included in the price of your meal. They won't tell you at the till if you've forgotten something. You can also substitute your sides with different things or extra. Just ask!

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