Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dining in Disney - Day 6

On our sixth day, we headed to Hollywood Studios. We decided to stay at the hotel for breakfast and grabbed a quick service lunch in the park. We had a table service booked at Sci-Fi Dine-In. Here's what we had:

Breakfast at the Landscape of Flavours - Art of Animation

We headed to the food court quite early, around 8am, but it was already busy. Having figured out how to get the most value for money from breakfast, the kids and I went to get our things and Husband went to get his breakfast burger. The kids had cereal; coco pops for Z and fruit loops for Miss C and I had bran flakes with raisins. We got some water, milk for our cereal, 3 packets of grapes and 3 cookies. Husband had a steak and egg burger with fries. We got an orange juice as one of our drinks so Husband had that with Miss C.

The total cost of our breakfast was $29.50 including tax. No tip required at a quick service restaurant.

Snacks from a coffee kiosk in Pixar Place - Hollywood Studios

We picked up some water and saw the most delicious looking cookies at a coffee kiosk in Pixar Place. The water was free as you can ask for cups of water at selected kiosks around the parks and we all shared the cookie as a mid morning snack. Actually it was about 11.30am but we didn't want to have anything too heavy before riding Star Tours as it can cause motion sickness!

The total cost for our cookie snack was around $4.00 including tax.

Lunch at ABC Commissary - Hollywood Studios

The appeal of ABC Commissary was the yummy burger pictures on their menu. It is also a quick service location so we knew it wouldn't take long to get something to eat and then be on our way. We arrived at the right time because it was mobbed when we were leaving.

The kids and I ordered a kid's meal with Z and I choosing burgers and Miss C choosing chicken nuggets. They didn't do plain burgers but the cheese wasn't melted on to my burger so I managed to take it off and it was fine. I only eat plain hamburgers! We got a side of fries and a bottle of water with our meal. The kid's meals cost $6.49.

Husband chose the 1/3lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of fries for $9.99. He said it was pretty good.

The total cost of our lunch was $29.46 including tax.

Snacks from an ice cream kiosk - Hollywood Studios

We were feeling pretty warm after watching the Beauty and the Beast show so we decided to get some ice cream to eat whilst we watched the Indiana Jones show. Husband, Z and I chose vanilla and Miss C decided she wanted to do half and half vanilla and chocolate. The ice cream was just like Mr Whippy but so much better and the portions were huge. Both of the kids couldn't eat all of theirs but Husband and I did a good job of finishing ours off.

The total cost of our ice cream snack was around $17 including tax.

Dinner at Sci-Fi Dine-In - Hollywood Studios

I was excited to eat here and it was one of the places Husband chose for us to book as he loved the idea of sitting in a car, watching old movies and eating a meal. This is a table service restaurant so you can book it up to 180 days in advance.

The inside of the restaurant was really fun but quite dark which I wasn't that keen on as I like to be able to really see what I'm eating. Most of the cars have 3 rows in them which meant Husband and Z sat in one row, Miss C and I sat in the middle row and some strangers sat behind us which was a bit strange for a table service restaurant.

The menu had a lot on it, mostly burgers and sandwiches. Husband chose the New York Strip Steak and asked for fries instead of the mash potatoes and I chose the shrimp pasta. Z chose a burger (his second of the day!) and Miss C had the penne pasta with chicken. Husband ordered a beer and the kids and I ordered water.

The food came out quite quickly and it was pretty good. Miss C didn't really enjoy her pasta which was a surprise as she would usually wolf down pasta but I think she wasn't keen on the pasta because it was whole-wheat. Husband's steak was beautifully cooked and I wished I'd gotten it myself after trying a bit.

The kids got fruit for dessert but Husband and I decided we were full up!

The total cost of our dinner was $79.45 including tax and we rounded it up to $90 to give a tip of $10.55. It was just below the 15% tip but we didn't feel the service was amazing to be worthy of an 18-20% tip. The food was good but not the best we had eaten so far.

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