Monday, 2 November 2015

Florida Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

We woke up feeling a lot better and ready to go to Animal Kingdom for the day. I had visited Animal Kingdom when we went to Florida as kids so I knew what to expect but Husband and the kids were excited to see the animals on the safari and to go on the river rapids.

As we walked in to the park, we were met with the Discovery Island Trails. We walked along the paths, glancing in each area to see what animals we could spot. The trail finished at a bridge and just over the bridge was the Tree of Life. It's amazing!

We had a reservation for breakfast at Tusker House. We decided just to have a light breakfast because we hadn't been feeling to good. They served us jungle juice when we arrived. It was a mix of pomegranate and guava I think. Whatever it was, it was really tasty. We met Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy and Daisy too.

After breakfast, we went for a walk around the Pangani Forest Trail, located in the Africa area of Animal Kingdom. We had some time to spare before our Fastpass for the safari. We got to see some meerkats, hippos and a baby gorilla.

The safari was amazing! I filmed most of it and Husband took some photos but unfortunately my camera must have been playing up as they haven't come out properly! We didn't manage to see any lions but we saw zebras, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, flamingos and a warthog. The kids loved it!

After the safari, we headed over to Rafiki's Planet Watch which is a short train ride away on the Wildlife Express Train. We met Chip and Dale and went in to the petting zoo to see the goats. The kids and Husband met a snake too!

We headed back on the train to head to Asia. We had a Fastpass for the Kali River Rapids which were fantastic. We were absolutely soaked through when we came off though! We decided to walk through the Maharajah Jungle Trek to dry off and we managed to see a beautiful tiger! We saw some bats and some monkeys playing on their ropes. We also managed to meet Balou and King Louis.

Husband wanted to ride Expedition Everest. I had booked Fastpasses for us all for this ride even though I knew Miss C would be too small and Z wouldn't want to go on it. Once Husband had been on, we cancelled our Fastpasses so we could try and get different ones and an additional one for Husband. We managed to get Fastpasses for Dinosaur but we had a little time to spare before we had to be there so we headed in to DinoLand. Primeval Whirl was closed but we went on Triceratop Spin which the kids loved and I let them run around the Boneyard soft play area. There were lots of slides and climbing ropes for them to play on and I got to sit down and rest my legs.

We met Russell and Dug from UP! Husband kept shouting squirrel at Dug, who kept turning around, pretending to look for a squirrel. We asked where Kevin was and Russell told us (well mimed) that she was flying about the park.

Dinosaur was one of our favourite rides across the four parks. You sit in a jeep and go on a mission, back in time, to save a dinosaur from extinction. In parts it can be quiet scary, fast and bumpy and I was worried Miss C was going to hate it but she loved it and wanted to go again!

Miss C met Pocahontas and, of course, Husband wanted to get his photo with her.

Our last stop of the day was to see the It's Tough to be a Bug show. It's a 3D show inspired by the A Bug's Life film. It was really, really good.

We had such a fantastic day at Animal Kingdom. It was quite chilled which is exactly what we needed from a park the day after we'd been feeling a bit unwell and the kids loved exploring all the different areas and really enjoyed the rides we went on.

Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks because of all the animals there so we left just before 6 to get the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. This is a hotel that I would love to stay in because it has stunning views and animals in an enclosure just outside your balcony. We had a reservation at Boma which I had heard was really good.

Here is a video from the day...

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