Thursday, 5 November 2015

Florida Day 4 - Epcot and Magic Kingdom

On day 4 of our holiday, we headed to Epcot. We had originally booked a character breakfast at Akershus in the Norway pavilion however, as Z wasn't showing any interest in meeting the Princesses and I had already booked Cinderella's Royal Table for Miss C to meet the Princesses, we decided to cancel and have a long lie instead.

After having breakfast at the Landscape of Flavours at the Art of Animation hotel, we boarded the bus to Epcot. It's another park that is quite close to Art of Animation so it took us around 10 minutes to get there.

It was about 10:30 by the time we got there which meant the queues to go through security were quite long. It was also really warm that day. Thankfully it wasn't humid or we would have been roasted!

Our first fastpass was for Mission Space. The kids decided they didn't want to go on it so I stayed with them whilst Husband went on. We found a shaded spot in an area just beside Test Track. Husband enjoyed Mission Space but wouldn't recommend it if you suffer with motion sickness.

Our next fastpass was for Test Track which is a hugely popular attraction at Epcot. Along with Soarin', it has the longest wait times probably in the whole of Disneyworld. In fact, both of these attractions are so popular, you can't fastpass the two when you book your first three fastpasses for the day. And you'll be really lucky to get a fastpass for one or the other on the day.

The kids loved Test Track. You get to build your own car and then you test it out on the test track. You test the car's performance in difficult driving conditions and it checks how efficient your car is. Z and I decided that we were going to favour speed over efficiency! The last part of the test is speed and that's when your car goes on to the outdoor track. I thought Miss C would hate this part but she loved it and wanted to go on it again!

After Test Track, we headed over to The Land section of Epcot. We went on the Finding Nemo ride which was nice and relaxing and we visited the aquariums, spotting lots of different fish. We enjoyed the Turtle Talk with Crush show which is an interactive show where you meet Crush from Finding Nemo. It was really funny. We had a Fastpass for the show but we really didn't need it as there was no queue.

After exploring the underwater area of The Land, we headed to the World Showcase area of Epcot. The food and wine festival was on, giving guests the opportunity to try lots of different foods and drinks from around the world. The World Showcase is pretty incredible. You can visit 11 countries there and you could probably spend a full day exploring. I loved the attention to detail in each country. The buildings change to take on the look and I've heard that they employ cast members from each country to work in their country.

We decided we wanted some Chinese food so we headed to China and in to the quick service restaurant Lotus Blossom Cafe. We watched a Chinese acrobatics team in a live performance which was amazing and then headed to Mexico to go on the Gran Fiesta Tour which stars Donald Duck in the Three Caballeros. It's a boat ride very similar to It's a Small World but without the catchy tune. We loved it!

We left Mexico and noticed that, back in China, Mulan was about to make an appearance. We decided to wait to see her. She was amazing with Miss C. I think she was one of our favourite character meets. From there we went on a mission to France to meet Belle and stumbled upon Alice in the United Kingdom.

We decided early in the day that we would head over to the Magic Kingdom from Epcot to do some rides there and because we wanted to experience riding the monorail and the ferry. The monorail took about 10 minutes to take us to the Ticket and Transportation Centre and then it was a short wait for the ferry. Going across the lake to Magic Kingdom was amazing. The sun was setting and it was so peaceful.

It was around 6pm when we arrived at Magic Kingdom so security was pretty empty. We decided to head up to Fantasyland to see what rides we could get on. People were already starting to find a seating area for the evening parade and firework show which I thought was mental!

We managed to get on the teacups, the Little Mermaid ride and we met Belle in her ballgown in the Enchanted Tales with Belle. Miss C was asked to play Belle in the rehearsal and was so happy when she got to meet Belle again. The show was really fun!

We managed to get a Fastpass for the Winnie the Pooh ride which was really cute and fun. We then decided it was time to go back to the hotel as it was nearly 8:30 but on the way out, we noticed Tinkerbell only had a 10 minute wait to meet her so we headed in there. In fact, we waited less than a minute! Tink was really cheeky and fun and managed to coax Z in to a picture with her.

We were exhausted when we got back to the hotel and were asleep within a few minutes of our heads hitting our pillows but what a brilliant day we had!

Here is a video we made from the day...

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