Friday, 27 November 2015

I Met Father Christmas at Hamleys Glasgow

Blogging brings about some fantastic and amazing opportunities for us as a family which we are always super grateful for. We were invited along to meet Father Christmas as the world famous Hamleys toy store in St Enoch Centre Glasgow. It isn't the closest of places for us to get to but I knew the kids would love the chance to take part in the I Met Father Christmas party.

I Met Father Christmas is an interactive event, where children can enjoy a magical fun-filled breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner with Santa. With scrumptious food, entertainment, arts and crafts, singing and dancing and much, much more, it is sure to be an occasion to cherish with your little ones. Children can enjoy this magical experience surrounded by the world’s finest toys from the 28th of November right up until Christmas Eve. The event lasts an hour and costs £25 per child.

When we arrived, we were delighted to see Susan and Transatlantic Blonde's family (minus Mummy who is in America) there already. These events are great for meeting fellow bloggers too! The kids got to play with a remote controlled Minion. I'm not sure which one it was other than to say it was the short one. They seemed to enjoy him! 

When everyone had arrived, two elves joined us to take us round to the party room. There was Brainy Elf and Baby Elf. At first Miss C was a bit unsure but Z was right in there, joining in with the chat and silliness that only true elves know how to bring out in children. The interactions were great! Miss C eventually warmed up to them and was soon marching along to the party room singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. 

The party room was beautifully decorated and the living room feel made it very cosy and warm. There were enough chairs set up so that probably around 16 children tops would be able to be in the party room for any one session, making it a pretty intimate Santa meet and greet opportunity.

We met Mama Elf, who had been sleeping in Santa's chair! She brought the kids some party food which included Christmas tree shaped pizza and sandwiches, juice or water and a Rudolph ginger biscuit for afters. The food seemed to go down really well. I didn't get to try any of it and I'm pretty sure all the adults in the room were itching to steal a bit of pizza from the kids.

Once the children had finished their food, the elves told them they had to sing Jingle Bells really loudly as this is Santa's favourite song. They were given musical bell instruments to use whilst singing and then Santa appeared!

Santa was really lovely and sounded just how I would imagine Santa to sound. The children were invited to sit around the fireplace with Santa and he read them a story, one of my favourite Christmas stories, Twas the Night Before Christmas.

The children got to write their list for Santa and then take it up to him, one at a time, to have a chat about what they wanted. Z had a good old chin wag with Santa whilst Miss C was a bit quieter. But I could tell they were both in awe and loved the opportunity to speak to Santa one on one. Miss C even made him a Christmas card. I think she was trying to sook up to him after being a bit naughty!

We received a lovely goodie bag with some of Hamleys toys including the beautiful Hamleys teddy and a really cute reindeer Christmas decoration. Once the kids had finished playing games, writing their lists, colouring in their cards and getting Christmas tree glitter tattoos, we headed round to the postbox to post their letters. Santa and the elves marched the children through the shop to the front entrance and helped the children to make it snow! It was a truly magical hour with Santa and his elves.

The morning before we came to the event, Miss C had been asking me if Santa was real. I didn't answer her other than to say what do you think? She thought about it, as did Z, who answered, "well if it is you and Dad I think you should tell us because we'll be pretty disappointed when we are adults if Santa doesn't bring us any presents!" After being at the party and the interaction they had with Santa, I think they believe in him for sure.

Here's a short video of the kids meeting Santa at Hamleys. Thank you to Hamleys Glasgow and St Enoch Centre for inviting us along!

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