Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Not Without My Whale - Book Review

Not Without My Whale is a brand new picture book from Maverick Books. It is written by Billy Coughlan and illustrated by Villie Karabatzia.

This story is about a boy called Arnold and he has a pet whale. He isn't allowed to take his pet whale to school which means Arnold doesn't want to go to school. He won't go unless he can take his whale with him.

Arnold's friend Dora helps him get his whale to school and helps him get around lots of school situations, like how will Arnold play football at gym or what will he do with his whale at lunch time? Arnold makes new friends when they all help to feed his whale and they enjoy counting bubbles for their math lesson.

This is a fun story and shows how being understanding of someone and looking at ways to help get around a situation can be more comforting or give confidence to someone rather than telling them they can't do something. The illustrations in the book are fun and colourful and the story is really easy to read and follow.

We really enjoyed reading this book and the fun bit at the end of the book had Miss C and Z in stitches.

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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