Friday, 13 November 2015

She Likes a Good Chat

On Wednesday, I headed to school for the first parent's evening of the new school year. I took Z and Miss C with me as, well I don't have anyone to watch them so they had to tag along. My appointments were for 3.45pm and 4pm so they were quite close together which meant I'd be back home in time for dinner. I prefer having the early appointments as it's over and done with not long after the kids finish school.

My first appointment was with Miss C's teacher. Miss C showed me all of her work in her tray. I noticed she liked to write stories about animals, especially horses. Her writing and spelling is getting better but her work didn't appear to always be finished.

Her teacher is really lovely and easy to chat to. She told me that Miss C is a really clever girl and she has lots of friends in her class but sometimes she can be easily distracted and she likes to have a good chat in class meaning she doesn't always complete her work in the time they are given. We agreed that Miss C would bring home any work she hadn't finished in class so she could finish it with me.

Z's report was excellent. Z continues to excel in all areas of the curriculum to the point where the class are learning French and Z is able to help some of the children because his French is way ahead of anything they teach in his year group. He is well liked by all of his class and has a brilliant little group of friends who are very supportive of one another in and out of the classroom. His Math teacher is super impressed with his abilities and he always makes contributions in his classes.

For Miss C, we had a chat with her after dinner to address her concentration in class. She is, by no means, a child who is naughty in class but her talking can distract others from their work and sometimes that is just as bad as a child who is being disruptive in class. We decided to create a visual for her in the form of a chart. We explained that her teacher thinks she is a very clever little girl but she needs to work harder in class otherwise she is going to get her work back home with her to do after school. We explained that this would mean she would lose her play time as she'd have to spend the time doing more work. She didn't seem keen on that! We talked about implementing a chart for her over the week and if she finished all her work in class, she would get a tick on her chart. If she didn't, she'd get a cross on her chart. We asked her what she thought would be a good consequence for not doing her work and we agreed that losing a toy or her tablet would happen if she got so many crosses and if she had over a certain number of crosses at the end of the week, she would lose her horse riding lesson. We could simply tell her she isn't going horse riding but I think having a visual aid will help her to actually see how well she is doing and if she needs to take steps to make improvements in the week. We also agreed that if she did well and got no crosses on her chart, she could choose a reward.

The chart and threat of losing stuff must have worked because she came home yesterday with a sticker for completing all of her work and not chatting when she wasn't supposed to be. Here's hoping that it continues!

These meetings just go to show that no two children are alike, even when they are siblings!

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