Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sibling Moments #23

Our sibling photo this month isn't anywhere near as exciting as our sibling photo from last month. In a harsh contrast, we're wrapped up in Winter jackets and the flip flops and swimming costumes are packed away. 

I guess it's because of the colder weather and darker days that these two are bickering more. They are fed up being stuck indoors and they take it out on each other. Z tries to be the bossy big brother and Miss C usually tells him where to go, by screaming at him. 

Then there are the morning, especially at the weekend, where Miss C will creep in to Z's room and get in to his bed beside him. They'll cuddle up together with their teddies and have whispered conversations until they start laughing and end up waking up Husband and I. 

dear beautiful

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