Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Week That Was #47

Last Sunday, we didn't get out of bed until almost lunch time. Sometimes you just need one of those lazy days. I watched a bit of Nigella with my breakfast (brunch really!) and it was really nice just to chill out. The kids wrote their letters to Santa and then watched Harry Potter whilst I made Chili for Monday's dinner and mince for tonight's dinner. We had apple crumble for pudding with custard. Perfect for a horrible, wet day!

On Monday, it was back to placement and school. It was a really cold and miserable day. After I picked the kids up, we came home and got changed and ate Chili for dinner. It really warmed us all up. We had an early night too as we were shattered.

On Tuesday, it was another miserable day. It was dry in the morning so we walked to school but by lunch time, the rain was on and it was quite heavy. When we got home, we had chicken tikka for dinner and then headed to bed for another early night. Z wasn't feeling too well and we figured it must be the aftermath of his nasal flu spray a couple of weeks ago.

On Wednesday, it was my day off. I dropped the kids off at school and got on with some college work. I had to head in to college after I picked the kids up from school to go over work I missed when I collected Z from school on Friday. The kids loved visiting the college and the ladies were quite taken with them.

On Thursday, it was back to college for me. I dropped the kids off at school and then headed there. The day went fast again which is always good. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and we headed home to get cosy and warm.

On Friday, I was heading to college when one of the school buses decided to hit my car whilst I was stationary, waiting to leave the school car park. Thankfully no one was hurt and there is minor damage to my bumper but I got a lot of abuse from the bus driver as he wasn't prepared to admit he was at fault. Our school car park isn't the best designed car park as it has an entrance and an exit but two car parks using the one exit so traffic comes from both the left hand and right hand side. The buses come up the middle of the exit from the bus lane. He obviously hasn't been paying attention to the right hand side of the exit, only the left and has managed to clip the front of my car. I drove home after getting the details of the bus company from the school since it wasn't safe for us to pull over and get his details. It's going through the insurance and thankfully we have protected no claims. As no one saw the incident other than seeing the bus driver shouting abuse at me, the blame will probably be allocated as 50/50 which is annoying. But, at the end of the day, it's just a piece of metal and it could have been worse. I definitely needed some chocolate!

On Saturday, I headed to the shops myself to get the food and some presents. Miss C has asked for some of the Our Generation doll stuff, in particular a huge horse so I managed to get her that and one of the dolls in her horse riding gear. I think Miss C will have lots of horses from Santa this year. Sadly no real one! We had pizza for tea and caught up with Xfactor.

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