Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Week That Was #48

Last Sunday, Miss C and I went horse riding. Miss C rode Jocky and did a marvellous job of cantering herself without holding on to her saddle. She did bounce about a lot but she stayed on and did really, really well. I rode a horse called Barney but I didn't feel as comfortable on him. He kept pulling his head right down so the reins were burning my hands, making them quite sore and I kept thinking he was going to just stop and throw me off. He didn't, thankfully, but I don't think I'll ride him again for awhile. After lunch, I got on with some college work and the kids played with their Lego.

On Monday, I headed to placement. It was another quick day, which I always find is the case when I'm on placement. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and we headed home for stovies which I had made the night before. They were yummy! Husband sold his motorbike today. He was really sad to see it go but with the really bad weather having hit us and a few scary moments on the roads, he decided to sell it and get himself a little car to use for work. It also means I get to keep the big car for myself and the kids to use as and when we need it.

On Tuesday, I spent my second day of the week in placement. After picking the kids up from my friend's house, we came home and had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. The kids were really excited to wear their cosy, fleecy jammies. It really is time to get cosier for bedtime.

On Wednesday, it was my day off. I spent the day doing a college report which was really mentally draining. I was glad to get it finished by lunch time. I picked the kids up from school. Miss C had some homework to do so we did that together and Z decided he wanted to look in to algebra more. Husband came back from work and took the car to the garage who are going to repair the damage from when a school bus hit it last week. It isn't too far away and when I take it in next week I'll get a courtesy car which is good. Thankfully there isn't much damage to repair so the car will only be away for the day.

On Thursday, I took the day off college as I wasn't feeling too great. I was looking back on my Facebook timehop and it would seem I end up unwell around this time of year every year. I dropped the kids off at school and came home to a cup of tea and toast. I did some college work as I thought I should make the most of the time to catch up on some stuff. I picked the kids up from school, came home and we got changed really quickly as we were heading to Hamleys in Glasgow for the I Met Father Christmas event. It was a lot of fun.

On Friday, I still wasn't feeling great so I stayed off college again. I dropped the kids off at school then came home and got on with the housework. No rest for the wicked, even when we're feeling rubbish. Z's friend came over after school for a little while and we decided to order Chinese food for dinner which was really good. Miss C, Daddy and I watched Beauty and the Beast whilst Z headed to his Friday club with his friend.

On Saturday, Z had Karate in the morning so Husband took him to that. Miss C and I went to Asda to get our food shop. When we got home, I got on with the mountain of ironing I had to do and watched Masterchef the Professionals whilst doing so. My brother in law and his wife popped over for a visit and to collect some baby things as their baby is due in January. Miss C didn't want to feel the baby moving but Z did and he said it felt very weird. We had pizza for dinner and then caught up with the X Factor.

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