Thursday, 31 December 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 360 - 364

Annoyingly I seem to have lost a day somewhere but I wasn't going to go back through the year and try and figure out where I messed up...I'm guessing it might be when I did a huge backlog of 365 photos from when we were in Florida but I'm not going to dwell.

Taking a photo every day of the year should be easy. It is easy really especially when I have my phone with me constantly. It's changing up the photos so they don't become repetitive that I find tricky. When you are in a routine during the week of college, nursery, school, home, it can be hard to be motivated to take a photo of something other than your dinner. I will try harder in 2016 if I can. I think I might set myself themes every now and again to change the photos up a bit. If anything though, I love having all these photos to look back on over the year.

Day 360 - Having fun at a park near our friend's house
Day 361 - Going through my purchases from the Next Sale
Day 362 - Sorting Z's book cupboard
Day 363 - Cuddles on the couch with Felix
Day 364 - Out for a bike ride despite the wind and rain

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