Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dining in Disney - Day 7

On our seventh day in Florida, we headed to Magic Kingdom. It was an early start as the park opened at 8am and we were there for just before 9am. We were really excited about our dinner booking at Be Our Guest. Here's where and what we ate:

Breakfast at the Landscape of Flavours - Art of Animation

We definitely had the hang of getting the best deal at breakfast time by our fourth day having breakfast there. The kids and I had cereal; bran flakes with raisins for me and coco pops for the kids. We got water, grapes, apples and a cookie each as our sides. Husband had a steak burger with fries and orange juice.

The total cost of our breakfast was $29.50. No tip required at a quick service restaurant.

Lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus - Magic Kingdom

Located in Fantasyland, I remember going to this restaurant over in Disneyland California many years ago. We all fancied some pizza and this seemed to be the only place in Fantasyland that served pizza. They also serve flatbreads, salads, soups, chicken nuggets and macaroni cheese.

The kids and I decided to go for a cheese and tomato pizza with a side of fries and water. Husband went for the pepperoni flatbread with fries and water. The kids meals cost $5.99 and Husband's meal cost $8.79.

The pizza was really, really yummy and quite a generous portion for a kids meal. Husband's flatbread was huge but he managed to finish it all.

The total cost of our lunch, including tax, was $28.36. Again no tip was required.

Dinner at Be Our Guest - Magic Kingdom

This was one of the meals and dining experiences we were really looking forward to. Be Our Guest is set inside the Beast's castle in Fantasyland. You can eat there for breakfast, lunch and dinner but the Beast only visits in his library at dinner.

The castle is just stunning. The main eating area, the ballroom, is themed just as it is in the film. You can also eat in the West Wing with the enchanted rose or in the study. I'm not sure how you choose which dining area you eat it but we were in the main ballroom which was lovely. It's quite dark lighting wise but lovely all the same, especially when you look out of the windows and see snow falling.

We decided to order a main meal and have a pudding afterwards as the kids and Husband were desperate to try the grey stuff. There was a good selection of main meals on the main menu and a couple of choices for the kids.

Husband decided to go for the braised pork and I chose the sautéed shrimp and scallop. Z chose the grilled steak served with vegetables and Miss C chose the grilled fish, served with rice and vegetables. We had water to drink although Husband ordered a beer. This is the only place in Magic Kingdom where you can order an alcoholic drink.

Service wasn't very quick but it was nice to sit and take in the atmosphere. When the food arrived, it was amazing. Husband spotted someone who had ordered the steak for their dinner and was a bit upset he hadn't ordered it but his pork was delicious and really tender. My shrimp and scallops was really tasty and the lobster sauce was really, really yummy. Z enjoyed his steak whilst Miss C didn't eat much of her fish or rice. I don't think it was what she was expecting.

For dessert, our waitress brought the dessert trolley over so we could choose what we wanted. We had the choice of a lemon meringue cupcake, strawberry cream cheese cupcake, an éclair, triple chocolate cupcake, lemon and raspberry puff, chocolate cream puff and the grey stuff. Husband went for the grey stuff, Miss C chose the chocolate cupcake, Z chose the chocolate cream puff and I went for the strawberry cream cheese cupcake. They were all delicious. The grey stuff was nice but my cupcake was the best cupcake I have ever eaten...and I've eaten a lot.

After dinner, we headed to the library to meet the Beast. He was great and the kids really enjoyed meeting him. He doesn't do autographs (because he doesn't know his ABCs) but you can get pictures with him and this is the only meet and greet you can do with the Beast.

The total cost for our dinner, including taxes and a tip came to $110.

I'd definitely recommend booking a dinner at Be Our Guest as the food was some of the best food we ate on holiday and the cupcakes were really amazing.

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