Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dining in Disney - Day 8

On our 8th day in Florida, we had a pretty chilled out day. We didn't get up until after 10am which meant we had brunch instead of breakfast and held out until dinner time to eat much else. We headed to Disney Springs for our evening meal. Here's where and what we ate:

Brunch at Landscape of Flavours - Art of Animation

We had a late breakfast but decided to stick to our usual of cereal. I had bran flakes with raisins, Miss C had corn flakes and Z had coco pops. We chose grapes, apples and cookies as our sides along with bottled water. We also bought a bagel to toast for the kids. Husband had his usual steak burger and fries.

The total of our brunch was $32.00. No tip required at a quick service restaurant.

We ate our snacks at the pool to keep us going until dinner time. It was actually quite hot so we weren't even that hungry. We drank lots and lots of water though. Thankfully the water doesn't taste too bad over there so we managed to drink lots for free.

Dinner at Raglan Road - Disney Springs

We were really looking forward to our dinner at Raglan Road. I had heard great reviews of the place and with an Irish theme, we knew we were going to have a great meal.

There was entertainment with live Irish dancing and music and the restaurant was packed.

The menu was fantastic, with plenty of choice for us all. We decided to get a starter to share and a main course although the desserts also sounded amazing.

We started with the Nom Nom Wings which is a sharing dish. We thought about ordering two portions to share amongst the four of us but actually one portion was enough as it was huge! And nom nom they were. They really were some of the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. The kids gobbled theirs up even with the strong hint of chili in the sauce.

For our mains, Husband was going to order a steak but our waiter highly recommended the Braised Be Beef. Slow cooked beef in a gravy with mash potato and roasted veggies; it was delicious. The beef just melted on your tongue. I chose the Cluck Curry aka chicken curry which was served with almond rice and veggies. It was really good. Z went for the burger and fries from the kid's menu and Miss C decided she wanted macaroni with fries. They seemed to really enjoy their food too.

Whilst we ate, we watched some of the Irish dancers and they invited the kids to come up and learn how to dance with them but Z and Miss C didn't want to join in. I don't blame them really; the food was too good to leave!

Husband had a couple of beers with his meal and the kids and I had water.

The total cost of our meal was $90 and we rounded it up to $110 to leave a $20 tip.

Sweet treats from Goofy's Candy Company - Disney Springs

Originally we had planned to go to Haagen Daaz for ice cream after our meal but sadly their MagicBand machine wasn't working so we couldn't charge our ice cream to our room. We decided to go to Goofy's Candy Company to choose something delicious to eat on the bus on our way back to the hotel.

There were literally hundreds of goodies to choose from including toffee apples, cupcakes and cookies. Miss C decided to choose a Mickey Mouse shaped cake pop with marshmallows for Mickey's ears, covered in chocolate. Z chose a chocolate covered marshmallow with smartie topping. Husband and I decided not to bother getting anything as more than likely we'd end up finishing the kids' desserts. They were huge!

They were also really yummy!

The total cost for our sweet treats was around $11. No tip required.

If you are going to Disney Springs then we'd highly recommend dining at Raglan Road. The food was amazing. However there was a new Asian restaurant just opened across from it and it also looked amazing. I wish we'd had time to try there too.

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