Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Florida Day 7 - Magic Kingdom

On the 7th day of our holiday, we went back to Magic Kingdom. It was a Saturday so we were expecting the park to be busy, especially as it was the Columbus weekend. We had breakfast at the hotel and got to the park for just before 9am. It had opened at 8am and was already mobbed.

We decided to head straight to meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square Theatre. The wait time said 30 minutes but we hadn't been able to get a fastpass for him and, as it was still early, we thought we may as well get in whilst it wasn't a longer wait. I'm so glad we went in when we did as we literally only waited 5 minutes to see Mickey. The kids were amazed when he spoke to them and loved roaring like lions with him.

After meeting Mickey Mouse, we headed to Tomorrowland. We went on the Stitch ride which wasn't what we thought it would be and when we went in to the main part of the ride, Miss C started to cry and said she wanted to get off. We had been warned that this might happen by a cast member but when she saw Stitch, she was fine. The ride itself is a sensory ride. It does go pitch black at points in the ride but you don't move from where you are sitting, you just feel water spraying at you and something touching the back of your chair or head.

After the Stitch ride, we headed to the Tomorrowland Speedway ride which is where you drive a car round a track. Miss C and I ended up going round it twice as we didn't stop in time to get out of the car safely! But we didn't mind going again. We caught up with Husband and Z at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which is where we had our first fastpass. Despite having a fastpass, we still waited a little while to get on the ride. Miss C sat with Husband as she was feeling a bit nervous after the Thundermountain experience. The ride was good and great for younger children but definitely one I would fastpass and not queue for. The queues were over 80 minutes the full time we were there.

After Seven Dwarfs, we managed to meet the Fairy Godmother and Gaston! He was definitely Miss C's favourite character meet. We had watched quite a few YouTube videos of Gaston and there is one particular actor for him that is really believable as Gaston so we were hoping it would be him we'd meet and we did. Miss C was so amazed by him, she fell in to a bush watching him. We all laughed and pretended she had fainted from seeing him.

Our next fastpass was for Peter Pan's Flight which was one of our favourite rides from Disneyland Paris. Again, the queues for this ride were never under 80 minutes the whole time we were there so we were thankful of our fastpass. The kids loved the ride!

After lunch, we had a fastpass to meet Anna and Elsa. Miss C was excited to meet them and Z joined in for a picture with them both. Elsa was quite quick with the kids I felt whereas Anna spent a bit more time talking to us. It was still fantastic to meet them both. We also managed to meet Merida, who was delighted that we had travelled all the way from Scotland to see her. We queued to meet Ariel next which was about 35 minutes but it was worth it as Ariel was so lovely. She even recorded a message for Miss C's best friend which we sent to her via Whatsapp.

It started to rain so we headed for the train to go round to Frontierland to watch the parade. We thought it might get called off but thankfully the rain went off and the sun was back out again in time for it starting. The parade was fantastic! We managed to get a really good spot too! We decided to head over to Tom Sawyer Island when the parade had finished. It was really fun to explore!

We headed back to Storybook Circus as we managed to get a fastpass for Barnstormer. Miss C was a bit nervous about going on this ride but she loved it and wanted to go on it again and again.

We had dinner at Be Our Guest which was amazing! We got to meet the Beast in the library and the kids loved him!

Once we finished dinner, we headed to the carousel. Miss C loved the carousel so much. We tried to get another fastpass for the rides but there wasn't much available so we decided to go to the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and then find a spot for the electrical parade which started at 9pm. It was a fantastic parade but we were shattered when it had finished so we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

Here are two videos I made of the day. I split them in to part one and part two because they were so long!

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