Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Florida Day 8 - Disney Springs

On our eighth day in Florida, we had a bit of a chill out day. We didn't get up until after 10am, had a late breakfast and chilled out by the Little Mermaid pool. I did a washing and drying and then we got ready to head to Disney Springs, formally Downtown Disney, to do some shopping, sight-seeing and to have dinner.

Disney Springs is one of the only places in Disneyworld that you can go to and it won't cost you anything to enter. You could spend a small fortune in the many shops and restaurants there though.

We took the bus from the hotel which took around 15 minutes to get us there. It was a roasting hot day!

Our first stop, once we arrived, was the Christmas shop; Disney's Days of Christmas. A friend had asked me to pick up a Christmas ornament and we wanted to get some new ones for our tree. There were literally hundreds to choose from but we decided to go with a Mickey and Minnie set with little bells on them as they reminded us of The Polar Express. I bought my friend a Belle decoration.

Our next shop was World of Disney. Apparently this is the biggest Disney store in the world. It was pretty big; Miss C and I managed to lose Husband and Z for 10 minutes. We didn't see anything in particular to buy so we headed to The Lego Shop. Miss C picked out a horse set but Z didn't see anything he fancied...well he did but the sets were far to big to bring back in our suitcases!

Our dinner was booked at Raglan Road, an Irish themed dining location. It was a really fun dining experience and the food was delicious.

After dinner, we decided to try and find the Haagen Daaz cafe to get some ice cream. Disney Springs is huge and whilst you can use a map to get around, none of the buildings on the map are numbered so you kind of have to guess where you are going. It was really busy and a bit chaotic as there is still a lot of construction work going on. When we eventually managed to find Haagen Daaz, their MagicBand machine wasn't working. Of course, we didn't carry any cash because, as on-site guests, we could charge everything to our room using our bands. The kids were upset and so was I as I love Haagen Daaz ice cream!

We headed back towards to bus station to go home but we made a quick stop in Goofy's Candy Company to choose some delicious sweets. The kids chose massive chocolate covered marshmallow goodies which they couldn't finish.

Disney Springs was a really fun place to visit. There are lots of places to eat, places to shop and live entertainment. You could literally spend a full day there. I think it will be even better once the construction work has finished.

Here's a short video we made of our visit...

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