Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Florida Kids Clothing and Footwear Haul

Aside from visiting Disneyworld, I was really excited to do some shopping in Orlando particularly for stuff for the kids as I had heard there were bargains to be had.

On our shopping day, which you can read about here, we headed to the Orlando outlets to see what we could find.

I had in mind what I wanted to get the kids; Converse footwear, some new UGG boots for Miss C and some Ralph Lauren polo shirts for Z. I managed to get these and more from the outlets and they were a good bit cheaper than buying them in the UK.

We spent around $600 on clothing and footwear for the kids which worked out at around £390. We probably could have gotten some more stuff however we didn't want to go over our weight allowance or the £390 per person tax free allowance you can bring back from the US.

I filmed a "haul" video of all the stuff I got for the kids so you can see what we got and the styles of clothing and footwear available in the US.

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