Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's Looking a Lot Like Christmas Eve

It's a dark and dreary Christmas Eve and, quite frankly, I'm disappointed we haven't gotten any snow. Usually I wish the stuff to go anywhere but near us but it seems wrong that it's pouring with rain and there is no fluttering of snowflakes falling gently to the ground. Miss C even said she wasn't very happy that it wasn't snowing.

Inside the house though, it's looking very festive and we are ready to welcome Santa and all the magic of Christmas. We've got our Disney decorations up, the candles are burning and the tree lights are the only lights brightening our living room.

We have a few Christmas Eve traditions; we go for a walk if we can, drink hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express. We put out our plate for Santa with goodies for him and the reindeer, we hang up our stockings and then read The Night Before Christmas.

The kids are in bed after watching their message from Santa on the PNP. Miss C's face was a picture. She is at a wonderful age. Z enjoyed his too but sometimes I wonder if he wants to convince us he still believes because he doesn't want to spoil the magic.

All that is left to do is wait for Santa to deliver presents and for the kids to wake up...probably around 6am. I better get to bed now!

Happy Christmas Eve!

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