Thursday, 31 December 2015

Me & Mine 2015 - December

It seems fitting that every December I post a photo of us all on Christmas Day in our Christmas attire. This year, like last year, we are wearing our Christmas jumpers and taking a photo by our Christmas tree.

December has been a really fast month. I remember it dragging by as a child but I feel like I literally blinked and it was Christmas day. And what a Christmas day it was!

My December was filled with college essays and trying to get them finished in time for the holidays. I definitely didn't want to spend my two week off doing any college work and, thankfully, I managed to get all of my work handed in before we finished.

Husband and I enjoyed seeing Miss C in her Christmas show at school. Her year group put on a carol concert and they all did an amazing job. We were feeling very festive after watching it.

Z had a brilliant Christmas day. He was really excited to receive Lego Dimensions from Santa as well as lots of books to read. From Husband and I he received a phone. It was something we thought long and hard about but we felt it was the right time for him to have one. He text his best friend first!

Miss C loved the magic of Christmas. She was beaming when she watched her PNP video from Santa and loved having presents to open on Christmas morning. She got lots and lots of horses. 12 in total at the last count. From us, she received a TV and DVD player for her room so she can watch her favourite Disney DVDs in her room whenever her friends come over.

Mostly though, we loved being able to spend the day together, opening presents, eating lots of yummy food and cuddling up to watch Christmas movies. I can't wait to see what adventures and family fun 2016 brings for me and mine.

dear beautiful

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