Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Next Boxing Day Sale Kids Clothing Haul

I make the trip to the Next Sale twice a year, every year. I love it. You can pick up so many bargains and it's a great way to build up the kids' wardrobes and save a bit of cash at the same time.

On Boxing Day, I was up at 4.55am, dressed by 5am and in the car on the way to my local Next store by 5.05am. I met a friend in the queue which meant the 50 minute wait went by a lot quicker. The rain was pouring down but thankfully we didn't get too wet as we were under a shelter. It was cold though and part of me was thinking, why on earth did I get out of bed at this time to stand in the rain and the cold?

Of course, once I was inside, picking up the bargains, I totally forgot that I was a bit wet and quite cold.

I picked up a few bits for Z and for our new niece or nephew who is due any day now but I mostly got stuff for Miss C. I filmed a "haul" vlog to show off what I got. I love a good haul video especially when it comes to stuff for the kids.

I spent around £200 on everything I got. Have a watch and see what bargains I picked up.

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