Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sibling Moments #24

I've been taking part in the Siblings monthly update for almost two years now with my first update posted in January 2014. I read back over it to see how the relationship between my two siblings has changed...or if indeed it had changed at all. 

Miss C still creeps through to Z's room in the morning to see if he's awake. The difference now is, if Z isn't ready to wake up, he'll tell her to go away. He's at an age where he likes to stay up a bit later but then he feels tired in the morning. Miss C goes to sleep before 7pm so she's usually up when my alarm goes off at 6am. Miss C is definitely a morning person; Z is not. 

Z still loves to help Miss C in anyway he can and Miss C often rejects his offers of help in favour of trying it herself or getting Daddy or I to help her. She does this to wind Z up of course. But when she does let him help  her, it is so sweet to watch. Z is very patient with her. 

They look out for each other. They might not always get on together but they stick up for one another in any situation. 

As they get older, I think their relationship will continue in much the same way. I think they will always be close because they are so close in age and it's because they are that close that they know how to push one another's buttons. 

When they get on well though, they really are the best of sibling friends. 

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