Friday, 4 December 2015

The Big 3-0 Birthday Gifts

It's been two months since I turned 30 and I've been meaning to share my birthday gifts for a little while now but I just haven't had the time to get round to photographing them and then writing this post. Better late than never though!

Before we headed to Florida, my friend's gifted me this Michael Kors purse. They knew I wanted to get myself a Michael Kors bag whilst we were in Florida so this was a really thoughtful present from them.

I love the strap on the side of the purse which makes it versatile as a clutch too.

My Mum and the rest of the family down south gifted me one of my favourite perfumes; J'adore. I really love how gorgeous this perfume smells and the fact that it is quite strong means I don't need to use a lot.

Two of my friend's bought me this Swarovski bracelet. It is quite a simple piece but it's really sparkly and pretty, making it perfect for dressing up an outfit.

My Mum had given me money to treat myself to something in Florida for my birthday so I decided I would use that money to buy myself my Michael Kors bag. However, I couldn't buy just one so I got two as they were such a great price. 

I opted for a large bag and a smaller bag so that I could chop and change between the two depending on where I was going and what I needed in a bag.

I also treated myself to some clothes and a couple of pairs of Converse. I love these white ones but I won't be wearing them until the summer time. I got some shimmery grey ones for winter.

Husband treated me to a pair of Ray-Bans that I had been lusting after for awhile. They are tucked away, ready for summer too. I also received wine, champagne, chocolates, bath and beauty goodies and more jewellery. Turning 30 was pretty good!

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