Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Week That Was #49

Last Sunday, we spent the morning chilling out, not doing much. I caught up with Masterchef the Professionals whilst Husband tidied out the loft. It was a bit of a mess and we need some space for Santa to fit presents in! The kids love watching cooking shows with me, especially Miss C, so it was nice to cuddle up in my bed with them. The weather was rotten! We had pork, potatoes and veg for dinner followed by a winter crumble and custard which was really yummy!

On Monday, it was back to placement for me and school for the kids. We celebrated St Andrews Day with Scottish snacks and by wearing tartan. I picked the kids up from my friend's house when I had finished and we headed home to finish off homework. We had fajitas for dinner which were yummy!

On Tuesday, I headed back to placement for my second day there. Everyone was feeling very festive and the kids went to school wearing their Christmas jumpers. I collected the kids from my friend's house once I had finished. We had meatballs for dinner and then read a Christmas story in bed after their shower.

On Wednesday, it was my day off and I spent it doing a report for college. I managed to finish the report but it did take me all day to do. When the kids got home from school, they did their homework, had a snack and then headed off to play Minecraft. I can't believe they still enjoy playing it!

On Thursday, it was back to college for me. I dropped the kids off at school and then carried on walking down to college. The day went pretty quickly which is always a bonus when I'm at college. It was pouring with rain when I got home so I got changed in to my comfies and started working on a report. Not a lot of fun but needs must. After the kids were in bed, I needed a chocolate fix so I opened a bar of chocolate that belonged to Miss C. I know, I'm a terrible mother!

On Friday, I had to stay late at college for a group meeting so it was 5pm by the time I got home. I'm definitely not used to working until 5pm on a Friday! We spent the evening in the house as the weather was wild. No clubs or anything, just relaxing on the couch together. We watched a Nightmare Before Christmas which is one of our favourite films to watch in the lead up to Christmas.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate whilst Miss C and I went to the shops. It was another miserable day so we decided to stay in and put up the Christmas tree. Husband went out with his friend for a few beers so the kids and I lay in my bed and watched Masterchef. Miss C loves cooking shows. She says she wants to be a TV chef when she's older! We had pizza for dinner with a slightly merry Husband and then caught up with Xfactor.

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