Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Week That Was #51

Last Sunday, Miss C woke me up just after 7am. That was a bit too early for my liking on a Sunday morning! We got up, had breakfast, defrosted the car, debated whether I would make it up the icy hill in my car, got showered and headed to horse riding. I rode a huge horse called Murphy and I loved him. He was really easy to ride. Miss C rode cheeky Lulu. She did really well on her too. When we got home, we had lunch and Husband ran Miss C and I a bath so we could warm up. We then spent a very chilled out afternoon in the house, writing Christmas cards and watching Masterchef.

On Monday, it was back to placement for me and school for the kids. The day went in quickly as we had rehearsals for the nativity. It was a lot of fun. I picked the kids up at my friend's house and we walked home in almost darkness. I'll be glad when the days get lighter again! We all had an early night as we were all feeling really tired!

On Tuesday, I was at placement again and it was nativity day. After school, the kids went to the library with my friend and they picked me up when I had finished. We had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner which is one of our favourites. I didn't feel that great so I headed to bed early again. I really do think these dark mornings and evenings make me feel yucky!

On Wednesday, it was my day off. I dropped the kids off at school and headed in to town to get some bits for a night in on Friday and to collect Z's Christmas present from us. We decided to get him his own mobile. The main reason for this is so we can keep in touch with him when he's away at Karate camps for the day or out with his friend. We also noticed that he had been chatting in an online game with his friends from school however it is a public chat so we didn't feel that was the safest way for him to chat to his friends. Of course, there are dangers with mobile phones but we feel Z is responsible enough and smart enough to use his phone appropriately and to tell us if there is anything wrong. It was Miss C's Christmas party at school so I straightened her hair for her. Very rare that she wears it down!

On Thursday, it was back to college for me. I dropped the kids off at school and headed in. The day went fairly quickly and I didn't have a lot of work to do as I'm all up to date for the Christmas break. I picked the kids up from my friends and we came home for dinner. It was another early night as I was exhausted. I can't wait for the holidays!

On Friday, it was the last day of college for 2015! We had a rather productive day, eating lots of chocolate and crisps. After college, I picked the kids up from my friends and we headed home to get in to our comfies. It was miserable outside! Our friends arrived from Ireland to stay for the weekend and we had a little get together with other friends. It was nice to just chill out and have a laugh.

On Saturday, I headed to Asda to get the shopping and nipped in to Smyths to pick up some last minute presents. I'm all finished now and just need to wrap the stuff. After lunch, I did the ironing whilst watching Masterchef and the kids played with their toys. Our friends headed out to do their own Christmas shopping and visit some of their other friends and family here. We had a yummy pizza for dinner.

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