Thursday, 10 December 2015

What Do You Get The Kids Who Have Everything?

Christmas is such an exciting time of year now we have children. I wasn't really keen on the festivities before Z and Miss C came along and in fact, there was one year I didn't even bother to put a tree up. That all changed when the kids arrived. Christmas through the eyes of a child is just wonderful. I get more excited now than I did as a child I think.

Christmas in our house brings us togetherness with time off work to enjoy each other's company. Lots of sweets and alcohol (for the adults), Christmas movies, cuddles on the sofa with a big blanket, Christmas walks, hot chocolate, yummy dinners and, of course, presents.

Z and Miss C are very lucky children. I know that. They know that. With 5 sets of Grandparents (step-families who re-marry!), uncles and aunties, a Great Grandma. Z's God Father and his partner, Z's God Mother and her husband, Miss C's God Father and his family and wonderful friends, they get lots for Christmas.

And this brings about a dilemma. There is no space in our house for it is overflowing with toys, books, games and puzzles. As a result this year we have really struggled to find things for their Christmas and when people ask what can we get them, it's hard to think of anything other than money or vouchers for Next. What do you get the kids who have everything?

Despite writing letters to Santa with their wish list of gifts, we're still stuck on what to get them. I think I need to create a gift guide such as a big toy, a book, a game, a set of PJs and something else. That way we'll know exactly what to get them every year. Perhaps it will get easier as they get older!

What have your children asked for? Do you struggle with what to buy them?

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