Saturday, 28 February 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 53 - 59

Day 53 - Miss C took advantage of her brother being out to play Minecraft herself
Day 54 - A long day at college
Day 55 - More Minecrafting together
Day 56 - A croissant and a cup of tea after a long day on placement
Day 57 - Jazz loves snuggling in with Z
Day 58 - Crazy hair for Crazy Hair day at school
Day 59 - Miss C and Daddy working together on her castle project

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Me & Mine 2015 - February

February. The month of love and pancakes.

It has definitely been the month of love as we witnessed my brother-in-law get married to his beautiful new wife. We now have a sister-in-law!

Our photo this month was taken by a friend when we visited the local country park. We found this den which looks amazing and the kids had a good go at exploring the inside of it.

For me, February has been a busy month. At the end of January, I started semester two of my college course and that meant an extra 3 hours at college on a Tuesday. I am missing my half day but I'm keeping up with the work load and that's the most important part. I'll get to sleep and chill out during the Summer holidays which will be a total of 11 weeks for me! I can't wait.

Husband has been working hard, as always. He enjoyed a rare night out for his brother's stag do. They went to Viva Brazil in the city centre for a meal filled with different kinds of meat. Husband definitely had the meat sweats when he got home. He didn't stay to see the dancing ladies as he had work the following day. He made up for his early night at the wedding though, enjoying as much of the free drink as he could.

Z has enjoyed a few social occasions of his own. He's had afternoons with his best friend both at our house and his house. The half term holidays offered Z the opportunity to play more Minecraft (his favourite!) and attend Karate camp which he loved. His best friend turned 9 this month and they had a fun afternoon of laser tag and bowling with two of their other friends. The boy has a better social life than me!

Miss C loved being off school for half term. She definitely doesn't take after her brother, who is quite happy to be in school but also enjoys the time off. Miss C lives for the weekend. She often says on a Monday "is it Friday tomorrow?" If only it went that quick! Miss C and I took a trip to a local shopping centre for a girly day out. She got to choose a new friend from her favourite place, Build a Bear. She also enjoyed days with her best friend.

I suspect next month will be just as busy as February but we'll be looking forward to winding down for Easter holidays!

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Good Little Bad Little Pig - Book Review

This month we received a new picture book from Parragon Books called The Good Little Bad Little Pig. This book is written by Margaret Wise Brown and is illustrated by Loretta Schauer.

Peter wants to get a pet pig. His mum isn't too keen as she thinks pigs are smelly and not very well behaved however they decide to write a letter to a farmer to see if he can find them the perfect pig; not a good pig or a bad pig but a good little bad little pig.

The pig arrives at their house and mum isn't happy because he isn't very clean. Granny isn't happy because he makes a lot of mess when he eats. But Peter perseveres when the pig doesn't want to have a bath and when he doesn't want to cross the road and eventually, the pig does as he is told. He's the perfect balance of good and bad!

Miss C's favourite part of the story was seeing the pig waiting to cross the road with a lead on. Miss C loves putting her toy lead on her stuffed animals and taking them for a walk.

This is a lovely story to read. The words are simple and easy to follow so it is a good book for a child who is learning to read. The book is also beautifully illustrated; the pig looks very cute!

We received this book for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Health and Fitness #TheGallery

As a family, we like to keep fit. I regularly exercise and walk pretty much everywhere unless it's raining or I'm going food shopping. It's so important to get regular physical activity in your day and it's a habit I want to instill in the kids too.

Z goes to Karate at least once a week which he loves. He's been going since he was four and is really coming on. In fact, he has been invited to take part in his blue belt grading in a few weeks time.

Husband is a gym goer. He trains with weights and does cardio on the running machines. Sometimes he'll go in to the pool and swim a few lengths. He wants to start running again. He used to run with a local team but gave up when he started working longer hours.

Then there's Miss C and her "keep fit" hobby. Her horse riding.

Miss C adores horse riding and she is a complete natural. Her rising trot technique is one of the best I've ever seen and one of the best her instructor has ever seen. She is so confident and trusting on the horses. Horse riding is such a great way to keep fit as it really works your core, your bum and your thighs. I can remember when I used to go riding that my legs and bum would ache for days after. 

Seeing Miss C's love for horse riding is making me want to go back. It is such a fun way to be healthy and keep up your fitness levels. 

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What I've Been Wearing #6

I've only ever been to a few weddings so I was really excited to choose an outfit for the wedding of my brother-in-law, Husband's brother, last week. Here's what I wore:

The dress I chose is from Chi Chi London, an online clothing store. They have an amazing selection of dresses, fit for any occasion. This isn't the first time I've ordered something from them; I bought my dress for Ladies' Day from Chi Chi London too. In fact, the dress I wore for the wedding is the same dress I wore to Ladies' Day but in a different colour. I loved how the dress fit so I knew I'd be comfortable wearing this black and cream dress to an all day wedding. 

My shoes are from New Look and have the same pattern (well almost the same) of lace detail as the top half of this dress. They are pretty high but I've gotten used to walking in them and can run across carpet in them. As I was the designated driver, I took flat black pumps with me and changed in to those when the dancing started. 

J'adore is definitely my favourite perfume for wearing to super special occasions. Make-up wise, I went quite natural with darker eye make-up. I would have liked to have gotten someone in to do my make-up but I left it too late to book anywhere and the wedding started at 2pm so I didn't have a lot of time to get ready by the time I had dropped the kids at school and done my weekly shop. 

We were praying for the rain to stay off as we wanted a beautiful day for the bride and groom but also so I could wear my Lipsy faux fur coat Husband bought me for Christmas. The rain didn't stay off, sadly, but I did manage to wear my coat without it getting wet. And doesn't Husband look handsome in his tweed style kilt. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Me & You #14

On Friday, Husband and I attended his brother's wedding. My brother-in-law. Bella and Pops travelled up to Scotland to be there to pick Miss C and Z up from school and look after them whilst we joined the rest of our family to celebrate the marriage. It was a wonderful day and the bride and groom looked amazing. The whole thing went so well and everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

It was so nice for us to be able to enjoy the day together and it reminded us of the day we got married. We watched my BIL and our new sister-in-law running around greeting guests, posing for photo after photo and grinning from ear to ear, just as we had done almost 9 years ago. Your wedding day is such a special day and it goes fast. So fast!

After the meal, we had a brilliant time at the reception. The band were amazing and everyone was up dancing together. It was just as a great wedding should be.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Great Day for a White Wedding

A wedding is such a special day for the newly weds and all of their friends and family. It such an amazing honour to share in the celebration of a couple's love for each other. And that's what we got to do on Friday as we watched Husband's brother and our new sister-in-law get married.

They were married in the most beautiful hotel at 2pm on Friday afternoon. We were worried I wasn't going to be able to make it since all of our babysitters were attending the wedding and we weren't taking the kids along but thankfully my Mum agreed to take a holiday from work and travel to help us all the way from Manchester.

The ceremony was really intimate with just close friends and family there. They were married in front of a roaring fire which filled the room with warmth and the smell of wood. It was really lovely. They both looked so nervous but so in love. It reminded me of Husband and I getting married almost 9 years ago and it brought tears to my eyes.

Once they were married, the bride and groom headed off for photos which left us to enjoy some bucks fizz and some hors d'oeuvres. Well I didn't have either as I was driving and they didn't take my fancy. Husband managed to acquire a few of them and one of our friends brought over a tray of bucks fizz to keep them going. 

After the photos, we were seated for the meal which was gorgeous. We had haggis, neeps and tatties to start, beef for mains and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. 

The tables were beautifully decorated with very elegant candelabras adorned with pearls and white roses. The speeches were both funny and emotional. Husband acquired himself some more wine and I took a couple of champagne bubbles home for Z and Miss C.

I was ready for a sleep after the meal but we had dancing to do. We all had such a brilliant time at the evening reception, where more guests arrived to join the celebrations. The bride and groom had learnt a beautiful dance for their first dance together. There was a photo booth which meant lots of silly photos and a really yummy buffet with plenty of cake. The band were amazing and had everyone up dancing all night. We were definitely ready for bed when we got home at 1am.

The Week That Was #8

Last Sunday, I took Miss C horse riding and Z came along as Husband was working. She did really well and had to show the new beginners how to do stuff which she really enjoyed. When we got home, Husband was back from work and making lunch. It was a lovely day which gave the kids the opportunity to get back outside to play. They played with a few of the other children in our street which is good for them as they don't have any school friends nearby. We had swimming lessons before dinner. The kids were shattered by bedtime!

On Monday, it was back to school and college. I was exhausted by the time I picked the kids up, who were gutted to have to leave Z's friend's house. They had just started a game of Minecraft...! We got home and had chili for dinner which was delicious. It was a quick shower and to bed for a book and I followed the kids to bed shortly after they had drifted off.

On Tuesday, I woke up with a pounding headache. It had worn off by the time I got to college but I felt drained all day. I needed a sugar fix in the form of a Creme Egg at lunch time. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and we came home to have spaghetti bolognaise for tea. We read a book together in Miss C's bed. Z went to bed all excited as he had another wobbly tooth.

On Wednesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to placement. It was a busy but quick day. I got home as my friend was dropping the kids off so we had snack together and talked about our school day. Z wanted to play outside with his football. I'm really happy that the evenings are staying lighter a bit longer now. After dinner, Miss C wanted to join Z outside to play. They had a great time playing football and riding their bikes.

On Thursday, it was my second day of placement. Just after break time I got the phone call no parent ever wants to get from the school. Z had had a bit of an accident at break time. He got smacked in the face with a football when they were playing outside. A proper leather one. I was told his nose had been bleeding heavily and that Z was quite pale and shaky. Luckily my placement is near the school, partly incase I have any issues and need to get to the kids quickly, so I left to go and pick him up. He seemed fine when I arrived but I took him home so he could rest there. Typically, after some lunch and a drink he was right as rain. I let him watch a bit of TV and then he sat down to do some of his English and Math workbooks. My friend dropped Miss C off for me and they went outside to play. Thankfully Z didn't end up with a big bruise on his face!

On Friday, Husband had the day off as we were attending my brother-in-law's wedding. Bella and Pops were travelling up to collect the kids from school as the wedding started at 2pm. It was a fantastic day and the bride was absolutely beautiful. My BIL scrubbed up well too. We didn't get home until 1am, had a quick chat with Bella and Pops and then headed to bed.

On Saturday, after a very short sleep, I was up to take Miss C to a Pizza Hut party and Husband was up to take Z to karate. Miss C had a great time with her school friends. She got make a pizza and eat it and have some ice cream. Z came home with forms for karate to renew his license and to have his blue belt grading. Bella and Pops headed home after lunch and Husband decided to take the kids swimming to give me some time to get college work done. An early night was definitely needed after dinner.

The Black and White Photo Project #32

My Sunday Photo 2015 #8


Saturday, 21 February 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 46 - 52

Day 46 - Miss C and Jocky are the best of friends, especially when she gives him sugar cubes
Day 47 - Homemade Chili con Carne that tasted pretty good
Day 48 - Lots of teddies share Miss C's bed
Day 49 - No rain means some football in the garden for Z
Day 50 - Z was sad as he got a smack in the face from a football and had to come home from school
Day 51 - Husband and I all dressed up for my brother-in-law's wedding day
Day 52 - Miss C had a Pizza Hut party to attend

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Funny Things My Kids Say #36

We were chatting over dinner when Z asked me if I knew what the capital of Florida was. Immediately Miss C answered, "F" which made me laugh a lot. Z said, "no C, it's actually Tallahassee!"

Another discussion over dinner had us talking about adoption. Miss C said, "I know what adoption means!" I was feeling quite impressed that Miss C might know what this word would mean. I did also think she'd say something completely not the meaning of adoption but we gave her her moment and asked her what she thought it meant.

"Well it is a bit like when you buy a pet except you get a person instead not an animal" said Miss C.

She was pretty spot on in a way...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Colour #TheGallery

I came across this photo when I was sorting through my albums and thought it was perfect for this week's The Gallery theme. There are so many colours on there; baby pink, fuschia, orange, blue, white and yellow.

These giant chocolate jazzies were the toppers on the cupcakes I made for the nursery teachers at the end of Miss C's first year there. I'm sure they were devoured quite quickly. Colour never looked so yummy!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Lunch Filled with Love

One of my favourite things to do is go out for a meal with Husband and the kids. It's a real treat to go out somewhere nice and enjoy a meal that hasn't been cooked by me. Not that I'm a terrible cook; I think I'm getting pretty good (on the basis I haven't poisoned anyone!) but it is nice to have a night off from making dinner. The kids love it too. We've been doing it since they were babies and because of that I'm quite confident that we can take them pretty much anywhere and know they'll behave and clear their plates.

For Valentines Day, we decided to book a meal at one of our favourite restaurants. It's really pretty inside, with splashes of pinks, purples, silvers and a mustard gold in their colour scheme. The food is always really tasty. They only serve Scottish, seasonal foods and everything is prepared to order meaning service isn't exactly quick but it does give you time to chat and enjoy the atmosphere and experience.

We met up with two of our friends whom the kids adore. They were so excited that they were coming along with us.

The restaurant do a great Express Lunch menu where you can have a main course for £7.95, 2 courses for £10.95 or three courses for £13.95. It's such great value for money and they have a good selection of dishes to choose from. The children's menu is 2 courses for £6.95 and again, it has a great variety of children's favourites, freshly prepared.

The kids both chose spaghetti bolognaise and sticky toffee pudding for their lunch. Husband and I chose the cajun chicken which is my favourite meal in this restaurant, aside from a steak of course. It comes with rice, a little salsa and a cajun sauce which tastes amazing.

Miss C and Z wolfed down their spaghetti. I had a little taste of Miss C's and it was really yummy. 

Our friends had chicken tempura and a king prawn linguine which all looked fantastic. That's the great thing about dining with friends; you can nosy at their plates of food and decide if you want to try something different next time. 

Z is like me; he loves a good pudding. I'm not a fan of sticky toffee pudding but the kids and Husband love it. It came with a toffee ice cream in a brandy snap basket. It didn't take them long to eat it.

I had the lemon cheesecake which was almost too pretty to eat. I say almost. I devoured it!

We didn't need any dinner that evening. We were all stuffed. But what a great afternoon we had.

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Toddler Bed

This photo brings back so many memories of Miss C as she entered the toddler years. She was such a good toddler. Of course she had the occasional temper tantrum, (what toddler doesn't) but compared to her brother, who used to get so frustrated he'd scream and scream, she was an angel.

Part of becoming a toddler is moving from the cot-bed to a mini bed made just for them: The Toddler Bed. Miss C was so excited to sleep in her new bed when Daddy had finished building it. She got straight in it, still wearing her dress, tights and top and said "night, night!" as she lay down for a sleep.

The first night in her toddler bed, Miss C realised she had freedom she had never had before; she could get out of the bed herself. It took a few times of taking her back to bed and tucking her in for her to fall asleep that night.

She looked so cute in her toddler bed though we forgave her for it.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Black and White Photo Project #31

The Week That Was #7

Last Sunday, we didn't wake up until after 9.30am. We must have needed the sleep. Miss C didn't have horse riding so we lazed about, the kids playing with their toys and me doing the ironing in my comfies. We had our monthly massage booked. I went first and enjoyed a full body massage and facial. Husband had a hot stones treatment. It's nice to be able to relax at home with a pampering session. I took the kids to swimming lessons whilst Husband made the dinner. We decided to treat ourselves to some yummy ice cream afterwards.

On Monday, we didn't have to get up as early because it was mid-term break! We were still up fairly early though as Z had Karate camp to go to. After we dropped him off, Miss C and I came home and I did some college work whilst Miss C got to watch Bambi. Having college holidays at the same time as school holidays is great for childcare but not so good when you need to do homework. Miss C was excited to see the new Playmobil catalogue whilst she ate her lunch. After lunch and after picking Z up, we did some baking. We made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Miss C did a lot of the work herself and Z just supervised or helped with licking whisks. They tasted really yummy!

On Tuesday, Miss C and I dropped Z off at Karate camp and headed home to get ready to head out shopping. Our first stop was Build a Bear as a treat for Miss C as she got Pupil of the Week last month. She chose a lovely bear covered in colourful love hearts. She decided to call her Love Heart and we bought her some Frozen PJs. I had a look around a few shops and picked up a few bits from New Look. I love that I can use my student discount in there! We got home just in time for dinner and then an early night. Z enjoyed the day with his best friend.

On Wednesday, the last day of our mid term break, Miss C went to her best friend's house for a play date. Z went to Karate camp for the last day of the camp. I enjoyed a few hours in silence and got on with some college work. After I picked Z up, we had lunch and then played a few games of draughts. It was good to have some one on one time with him. Miss C came home just before dinner and was exhausted after a trip to soft play. It was an early night for them both to prepare for the early rise for school.

On Thursday, it was time for the kids to go back to school. I keep reading that everyone down south are about to break up for half term which makes me kind of sad as I'd love another week off. I've shared a half term time along with a few other bloggers in this post if you are stuck for ideas of what to do for your break. I spent the day doing my college work. I got quite a bit done and I was grateful of the break by school run time.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the shops. I spent the rest of the day carrying on with college work. After school, the kids and I had dinner and watched The Lego Movie. Husband was off out for his brother's stag do. He was looking very smart!

On Saturday, it was Valentines Day. Husband and I exchanged cards and he bought me a nice necklace as a gift. After Karate, we headed out for lunch and met up with friends. It was a great meal and a good catch up. We were feeling pretty stuffed after lunch so we came home and had a little nap. In the evening, once the kids were in bed, Husband and I watched TV together and shared some Haagen Daaz ice cream.

My Sunday Photo 2015 #7


Sibling Moments #14

We took a walk to the park last weekend. These two were having a great time along with one of their friends. I had been asking them to get a photo together for awhile and they eventually agreed when we found a bench. They must have had tired legs.

Z is at the age where he thinks it is funny to pull silly faces in photos. He must get that from my Dad. I remember my Grandma telling me that, for years, she couldn't get my Dad to take a photo without him pulling a silly face. Miss C doesn't look too impressed.

The kids have been bonding over the craze that is Minecraft. It's the only thing that they don't argue over. They help each other with building and creating stuff. It's all they talk about to be honest. It's getting a bit much. But it's something that they enjoy together and it's great to see them working together and sharing ideas.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

365 Project 2015 Days 39 - 45

Day 39 - Miss C was up for a bit of pampering.
Day 40 - We made some vanilla cupcakes. They were yummy!
Day 41 - A trip to Build a Bear with Miss C whilst Z was at his friend's house.
Day 42 - Z has been enjoying reading David Walliams' books.
Day 43 - Minecraft after school.
Day 44 - Husband looking dapper for his brother's stag do.
Day 45 - Happy Valentines Day!

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A Trip to the Park and the Baby Goats

One thing I'm missing from being at college and placement and both kids being in school is our visits to the park. When Z was in nursery, we'd head to the park at least 3 times a week when he finished or just after lunch. Miss C and I did the same when she was in nursery. Now, it's almost dinner time by the time I get home from college and it's too dark after dinner to head out. I really can't wait for the holidays and Summer to arrive.

A friend suggested we meet up last weekend at the local country park and the kids couldn't wait to go. Husband came along too; he is also feeling the strain of working long hours and not being out in the fresh air. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining but we wrapped up well as it was still a bit chilly.

Before heading on a walk around the nature trail, we went to visit the animals. Most of them were in the outdoor pens but inside, a very cute sight was waiting to greet us; baby goats!

Aren't they gorgeous?

We stood for a good 10 minutes watching them. They are pretty cheeky little babies! The black and white one kept trying to jump up on to its Mummy's back and the white one actually managed it. Mum was not impressed and quickly stood up to get the baby off. Then the babies started playing together, headbutting each other to be specific, and dancing around on their hind legs. We were in fits!

All of the play tired them out quickly so they cuddled up together for a little snooze. Awww! 

We headed off for our walk and came across a huge den. Miss C went inside for a little look.

It was so nice to be out in the fresh air, enjoying exploring the park and seeing the animals. Hopefully we can make it a more regular thing at the weekend again. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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