Saturday, 9 January 2016

366 Project 2016 Day 1 - 9

On Friday, January 1st, we woke up around 9.30am even though we were in bed before the bells. We had a really chilled out day, cleaning the house, doing the ironing and watching TV. My father in law brought us a steak pie for dinner but we decided to freeze it and keep it for the weekend and we ordered Chinese instead.

On Saturday I headed to Asda to get my shopping whilst Husband and the kids stayed at home. I prefer to do the shopping myself as I can get round the shop quicker (without the kids) and I stick to my list (without Husband throwing extra bits in!) Husband decided to take the kids for a bike ride whilst I stayed at home and got on with some work. I don't have a bike either and I didn't fancy running after the three of them. They must have covered around 5 miles and they were shattered when they got home. After dinner, we headed to our friends' house for the night. It was great to catch up and we had a brilliant time.

On Sunday, when it was safe for me to drive, we came home and got showered and changed. It was a really lazy day spent in the house. I think I hurt my back from my rather vigorous dancing in my friend's living room so I had a hot water bottle against it all day. We had my father in law's steak pie for dinner which was delicious!

On Monday, I had set the alarm for 7.30am to get us back in to the routine of waking with an alarm. Usually my alarm is set for 6am so we still had a bit of a lie in but I could have stayed in bed a little longer. The kids went for a bike ride and then we coloured in, something I find quite relaxing.

On Tuesday, my Grandma visited for the day so we went for lunch to a really lovely restaurant. The food was delicious. When we got home, we found out that our new niece had been born that morning so we headed to the shops to get her her first Build-A-Bear and some gifts.

On Wednesday, I gave our cat, Jazz, a bath as he was mucky! He wasn't too impressed! I had to go to the local shoe shop to exchange Miss C's school shoes as after a few months wear, there was a hole in the sole. Lelli Kelly agreed to replace them for us so we went to pick up her new school shoes. She got a different style and she needed a bigger size already! Around tea time we headed to visit our new niece at home. The kids thought she was very cute but didn't want to cuddle her or hold her cause she was so teeny! It was lovely to get a newborn cuddle but definitely didn't make me want any more!

On Thursday, it was time to go back to school and back to college. God it was hard to get up in the morning. I really could have rolled over and gone back to sleep. The day went in quickly though so it wasn't too bad. We had salmon pasta for dinner which was delicious!

On Friday, another day at college passed quite quickly as we went home early due to the snow! It got heavy very quickly! The kids headed to the park to go sledging before dinner and then it was back home for dinner, a bath and a movie cuddled up on the couch. We watched The Golden Compass and made our own popcorn.

On Saturday, the roads were quite bad near us but the main roads were clear. I drove to Asda with Husband in the passenger seat as I'm not good at driving in the snow, especially if the roads are icy. However, I need to practise more in case Husband is ever working away and I need to get somewhere in the car. It wasn't too bad. After shopping and picking Z up from Karate, we came home, had lunch and then played a few games of Cluedo. Husband won twice and Z won the last game.

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